Campbells and Campbells (Resolutions)

Jeffrey Campbell spiked litas, Nordstrom thigh highs, Campbells soup shirt, forever 21 skirt and purse, Collection B Jacket
2013 didn't start off in the greatest way for me.
My New Years Eve was disappointing and I let it get to me. Plans fell through, I got ditched (the second time in a row) by someone who is supposed to be a best friend, and I was just in a crappy mood overall. I sometimes put too much pressure on a special day or event and when things don't exactly work out like I imagined, I get cold and loose all interest. I have two great boys in my life who really helped me pull out of it though. I hope they know how much they mean to me and I see all the effort they put in to try to make me happy. Thanks, guys. <3p="p">
New years day was better though. I began 2013 by doing two bridal shoots for a makeup artist/hairstylist at Hepkat, a local salon in SLO. I will be posting photos from those sessions this weekend!
Carrying on like I do every year, I decided to post my New Years Resolutions. I'm proud that I always manage to finish most of them 6 months in, but this time I wanted to be really specific to push myself even more.
So here are my 5 goals-
1. Buy a new Zeiss Lens.
2. Be in at least three magazines this year (topping my two last year)
3. Do a short intern for a fashion/portrait photographer in another city.
4. Contact 10 clothing companies about doing fashion lookbooks for them.
5. Be more open.
The fifth might seem like a cop-out but its something I need to work on and though it may be too general that is just the point.
I'm optimistic about this year, and I'm looking forward to working hard on what I love.

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