California Dreamin

Today is my birthday.
24th, to be precise, also the last birthday before 25 which afterwards, I will stop counting and get increasingly depressed! I've never been a huge birthday party animal. A nice dinner with close friends and family is more my speed (but don't you dare get anyone to sing to me, I mean it!) Every year, I treat myself to a little birthday gift, from me to me - last year it was a Marc Jacobs tote, previous year a watch, but this year really takes the cake:
In two weeks, my beautiful beauty blogging friend Mash of Mash-Elle Blog and I will jet off to sunny California, with a few extra days to explore L.A. (I've never been!) then head to the valley for the festival of dreams. I've been wanting to go to this festival for years now, but it's never been financially feasible. Well, it still isn't exactly financially feasible seeing as I'm pretty flat broke from the purchase, but I'm 1000% sure it will be worth it.
Coachella has a reputation as being one of the trendiest, most stylish music festivals around. Along with seeing some of my favourite artists (hello Lana, Lorde, Pharrell...) I am just about equally as excited to see all the festival-inspired fashion. I'm not nearly done my own personal shopping for the fest, but for now, here's my must-haves:
1) Crossbody Statement Bag - like this Free People Bucket Bag
2) Spring Florals - like this Urban Outfitters Skirt
3) Fringe EVERYTHING - like this Nastygal Top
4) Comfortable (but cute) Ankle Boots - like these Dolce Vita Boots
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