Bunny love!!

Lately I have been making lots of bunnies and loving it!
My Dandelion bunnies have been finding homes with all sorts of children...newborns and birthday boys and girls.
 Some of the orders I have received have come through Instagram or Facebook,
and some through friends & family.
I've had several people who have purchased a handmade Dandelion bunny before,
buy a new one, or two, or three for their friends who are having babies. How lovely!
It makes me feel very happy and satisfied to know that a little bunny I make here at home in Daylesford, is going to a new home where it will be loved, carried around by it's ears, dressed up & smooched. I hope all my bunnies become part of someones childhood.
Each bunny is made using the beautiful, soft alpaca blanket offcuts that I discovered a few years ago at the Creswick Woollen Mill. It comes in many shades but I like to use the three above.
Bunny Grey, Soft Fawn and the Milky Cream.
My clever mum makes sweet, little colourful cardigans (or overalls or shorts!) using %100 Australian wool from the Australian Tapestry Workshop, in South Melbourne. They have an amazing selection of colours.
Then I have the fun bit of matching wool with vintage or pre loved fabrics.
 Usually with a custom order I am given a colour to start with and I do my best to come up with a combination that works.
Each Dandelion bunny is unique, each one has his or her own personality. Dandelion bunnies have been sent off to Byron Bay, Sydney, Paris, USA, England & Germany. Wow!
As a child I really loved my toys, and I have lots of happy memories of Looby Lu, Knitted Horsey & of course Floppy. And I also loved to make things, sewing & knitting with my Nan. I still love to make & create, and I really enjoy making every single bunny. They always make me smile.
Next time you are thinking of a gift for a new baby or a special person in your life feel free to drop me a line if you would like to discuss a Dandelion bunny. You can find me here, my email is in my bio, or on Instagram (chicutebrand). Now I'm off to finish of this little pink bunny girl for someone sweet,
take care lovelies,
see you soon xo

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