Bow Back Romper

This is hands down one of my favorite rompers. I love the print, the bow back and the silhouette. I had never owned a bow back romper so I didn’t know what love was, obviously.
Funny story that will teach you to size up in this baby. So, I got the small and I really thought I would be fine because I tried it on in the fitting room and all was good. Well, I guess I never zipped it up all the way while trying it and didn’t notice. So when I went to shoot this, I literally was not breathing the whole entire time. I got a small but then exchanged it for a medium because I love the romper so much I want to be able to breathe when I wear it! The medium fits perfectly, so I definitely recommend sizing up in this one. Unless you don’t want to breathe, then that’s another story…
I wanted to keep the feel of this outfit very summery so I wore the most comfortable wedges ever {besides these new ones that I just got…size up} and this adorable bucket bag. I mean can we just stop and talk about this for one second? I am so in love with it! It fits a lot and is the perfect summer accessory! I’m going to be wearing it a lot, so that’s just a little warning for you. The straw was also incorporated into this bag design and this one, too! I love straw and I love handbags, so it’s been a beautiful match. I definitely recommend this one! It’s close to $200, but definitely worth the investment. I’ve already worn mine tons of times!
Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday! xo

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