Bodysuits + 3 Classics for Date Night & Girl’s Nights Out

Intermix Bodysuit (SOLDOUT / Similar) | Levis 501 Denim | Sandro Belt | Chanel Bag (Similar $$$ | Similar $$ | Similar $) | DVF Heels (Similar) | Theory Blazer
Have you ever felt like you can dress for just about any daytime event confidently, but come "Girls Night Out" find yourself often feeling a little uninspired?  Do you go with the always classic black top and jeans? Do you shake things up and wear a flirty little skirt? I’ve gone through all the prep and countless outfit changes, before finally finding (and loving) this classic little late night look!
Before moving to London I went on a mission for evening tops. Let’s be honest, I have enough daytime outfits and dresses to cloth a small village, but my Friday/Saturday eve attire was a bit lacking. While the search is still ongoing as my evening agenda continues to expand, I was sold the second I tried on this lacy little look!  Not necessarily what I had in mind during my initial search, It was hard to resist the elegant details and fun statement sleeves of this bodysuit. It’s comfortable, feminine, chic, and versatile, and tucks perfectly into a pair of jeans! Not a regular member of the bodysuit bandwagon, I can confidently say I’m a convinced fan! If you’re in the market and open the shaking up the traditional black top/denim combo I’ve linked several standout bodysuits at various price points below.
I don’t know if you’ve been there, but for first dates or girls nights out, there’s always a wonder of what sort of look do I go for? I’ve always been raised with an "it’s better to be overdressed than under dressed mentality" but when in doubt you can never go wrong with a great pair of classic jeans. There are a million and one brands out there, some of my favorites being 3 x 1 and Mother, but above all big names, I never overlook the power of Levis. This pair was just $115/£88 and somehow goes with just about everything, from daytime looks to nights out!
To balance out to both the casual and elegant components, I always turn a classic combo of accessories: a strappy black heel, a little black belt, and a chic black bag. This triple threat combo will never steer you wrong. Whether you’re sticking with a simple black blouse or changing things up with a different blouse or bodysuit as well, there is rarely a case where these three pieces won’t steer you in the right direction. Weather permitting, you’ll probably need to head out with a jacket! For whatever reason, I always feel somewhat harsh in leather, so I prefer the understated elements of a classic black blazer. It feels sophisticated and simple while getting to job done and polishes off a classic evening combo— with your best foot forward of course!
xx Erica