Boba Tea Ornament DIY

This year, we started a food-themed Christmas tree. It’s super easy to find beautiful food theme ornaments, but the one food ornament I really wanted that I couldn’t seem to find was a boba tea. So I decided to make my own DIY version!
I started out buying these candies, which I used the packaging to make the boba cups. They are perfect because they are basically a tiny boba cup. You could use them to make a frappuccino ornament as well, or maybe a slushee. Anyway, repurposing packing is one of my favorite ways to DIY and make crafts. So as soon as I saw the tiny cups, I knew it was destiny.
Step 1: Paint the inside of the cup. This is the most time consuming part. First, I did one coat of glitter paint in circles inside the cup (that would become my boba pearls). After that had dried completely, I did two coats of dark red dots over the glitter. After that was completely dry, I painted the inside pink and took the line up to about 3/4 (so it looks like the glass is mostly, but not completely full). That part took several coats and it’s essential to let it dry completely before applying the next coat.
Next, you need to find small wood pegs that fit the straw hole (I used these). Another option would be to make a new straw with rolled paper. I used the pegs, so I added some glue to secure them in the peg, then let it dry completely. Mine stayed perfectly. It might not have even needed the glue, but it will certainly help the pegs stay in place when it comes time to pack up ornaments for the year.
To add my string, I used a needle to sew the string into the lid. It was extremely easy—I just used an embroidery needle and embroidery thread.
Let me know if you need any clarification in the comments. I had so much fun making these, and if you make them, please use a lot of colors. I made all pink only to realize the next day that I should have used different flavors.
Here are some more photos of my completed ornaments.
If you’re making this or any holiday crafts from our blog, please tag us on Instagram so we can see! We love seeing your projects! xx. Elsie