Blue in Bella Dahl

Happy last day of June (already?)!
I would ask if you’re shocked that I’m wearing another outfit with blue in it, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t. Lately, I’ve been gravitating towards blue more than I ever have in my entire life! This Bella Dahl blue blouse is no different. It’s really soft, super lightweight and goes with so much! I’ve worn it with shorts, dark jeans, black jeans, and tucked into a scalloped skirt. I love it paired with white jeans, especially these, because it makes the whole look light and airy!
Bella Dahl is the epitome of comfort when it comes to women’s fashion. Everything I own from BD is comfortable and the quality is amazing! This top is also a great option for the Fourth of July paired with jean shorts. :)
See some of my favorite Bella Dahl pieces below and thanks for reading!
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Photography: Ali Mac Photography

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