Between strikes and the finale in a depressive November

Hello, I have been away for a long time recently due to the situation in the world. That's why I didn't take much pictures this year. This time I wanted to share with you that I am a big fan of the top model TV show every year. I like to get to know, discover new people who have the potential to become a world-class model.
Recently, in November, just before the program finale, I had the pleasure of taking photos of one of the programme's participants, Maja Siwik, who had gone very far in the program almost to the end of the program.
We took the photos in November, right before the final of the program. Unfortunately, on that Sunday day it was quite difficult to take pictures because it was raining all the time and we had masks that got wet in the rain. Additionally, this day was very gray and cloudy. There were few people in the hives in Warsaw, and the streets had traces of strikes. Everywhere on the street, there were sprayed signs on the street lamps about the women's strike. I hope that I will get myself under control on this matter. I hope that next year will be an opportunity to take many more pictures than this year.
Maja turned out to be a great person and she is good at taking pictures. He has a similar sense of humor to mine which favors and helps make the session more relaxed and stress free. The only downside is that there wasn't a tiny bit of sun back then, but we made it anyway.
We took photos in front of the palace of culture, because Maja wanted a photo with the palace. He is rarely in Warsaw, because he lives in Lower Silesia, in the town of Gryfów Śląski
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