Best Tips To Complete Weight loss and Fitness 2021 New Year's Resolutions

Can you believe that Christmas is in 2 days, which means we are so close to entering 2016?!!! With cinnamon bunt cakes, ginger bread men, and Stephen's candy cane hot chocolate occupying our kitchens, who can even have a clear enough mind to start setting New Year's resolutions. Christmas gets busier and busier every year for people, and by the time January 1st hits resolutions are scrambled together without a clear plan on how to achieve them. We can all relate to setting those resolutions, and by the time mid February comes along our goals are already forgotten.
One of my greatest completed resolutions so far has been when I ran my first marathon 4 years ago. Pre-marathon training I was not a runner. I told myself that I had knee problems (I have no clue where that thought even came from), and that I would never be a runner. Being the ambitious and athletic person I am I set up a goal to run a full marathon in April. I couldn't believe how much work, and mental strength it took me to complete my goal, but I am proud to say that I did it. When race day came I was blown away with my attempt to run the whole race without breaking my stride. As I crossed the finish line I was overwhelmed with joy, and cried as I saw Todd. These weren't tears of pain, but of tears of happiness and pride I had for myself. When I found out that I did the race within 4 and a half hours I couldn't believe that I ran faster than I expected. Moral of the story- You can do anything you put your mind to.
Here are my tips that will help you with your diet, weight loss, and fitness goals for the New Year.
1. Be Realistic and Know Your Limits
Setting a goal such as I am not going to each chocolate for a year, or that you are going to lost 20 pounds by February isn't realistic. We all have that one food that tempts us whenever we walk into the grocery store, and in time of need will fall into devouring that item. When you know that there is something that tempts you try not to eliminate that completely because when you cave into desire the guilt will set you back in completing your goals. In the terms of major weight loss this is something that is different for each individual. While the majority of us can't physically lose that amount of weight in such a short period of time, my advice is to know your body and set realistic weight loss goals.
2. Write Down Your Plan and Have it Visible in the Home
I'm a big believer in this 200%!! When I train for marathons what I do is type up an excel spread sheet that includes what mileage I am suppose to run for each day. I put this on my fridge because that is something you look at everyday. I have a highlighter, and highlight each day I complete my run. There is a mental gratification people get when they are able to check off a step to completing a goal.
3. Plan Ahead With Your Diet
We have all been in that situation where we put ourself on a strict diet, and when that time comes when hunger takes over and you are SOL. With no food in site that follows the diet guidelines you start to splurge on whatever is available. To maintain momentum with your diet plan ahead by bringing a lunch to work, meal prep for the week, and have healthy treats stored in your bag.
4. Find Pleasure and Fun in Exercise
Before I started teaching Pure Barre, I never liked group fitness classes. When I took my first PB class I was so surprised how much I loved it. So many of my clients have told me that they are motivated to come take class everyday because it's something they have fun with, and look forward to it. When you find something that you enjoy whether it be Pure Barre, Yoga, or the gym you'll be more likely to workout in those times when you feel no motivation for physical activity.
5. Create a Cheat Day
Once a week create a day where you are allowed to eat those foods that you have been lusting after all week. By keeping your appetites fed you are less likely to binge whenever the time of weakness hits.  
6. Set a Deadline
No goal is complete without a start and end date. With keeping a goal so open how are you suppose to know on how close you are to completion? When you know you are so close to completing your goal it gives you motivation to keep on track.
7. Track Your Progress
Now this can come in many forms, but my favorite is by far taking pictures of yourself. It may not sound fun to take a picture of yourself in a bikini when you don't feel your best, but it will give you motivation to push through. Take a picture of yourself every week, and you can look back to see the transformation within your body.

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