Best Summer Shorts for Girls with Long Legs

AGOLDE Riley Short in Groove, Anine Bing Ramona University Sweatshirt in Washed Black, TWA Hotel
Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with shorts?
I think my tumultuous relationship began when I was in elementary school. I was in the 5th grade, had a growth spurt before any of my other classmates did, and received several warnings about my shorts being too short in the warmer months. I grew legs overnight, and I didn’t know what to do with them.
Then, I got older. I started embracing my long legs, but shorts just began to feel…uncomfortable. They would ride up, feel uncomfortable, or the length just wasn’t right for me.
Over the years, I’ve invested in shorts, and I’ve owned some good pairs, some bad pairs, and some horrific pairs. Today, I’m sharing the best summer shorts for girls with long legs!

AGOLDE Parker Shorts

I know, I know: pretty much every fashion blogger on the internet has raved about these shorts, and they are a bit of an investment. However, I can confirm that they are 100% worth the hype.
I love these shorts mainly for two reasons: the first being the relaxed fit. I personally hate when shorts are too tight on me, and since  I have zero thigh gap, it’s downright uncomfortable to wear shorts that are too fitted in the summer at times. If you have thicker thighs, this style is pretty breathable! Also, I think the length is perfect: it has a 2.5″ inseam which feels very appropriate for a long-legged 30-something. You can still show off the gams at this length, but it’s still a bit more on the conservative side!
AGOLDE Dee Shorts

AGOLDE Dee Shorts

The Dee shorts differ from the Parker shorts in two ways: first, they have a longer inseam (4″), and they’re a lot more fitted. Admittedly, I liked this style better when my thighs were a bit smaller — I think they’ve gotten too thick for them over the past year. However, if you have long legs that are a bit more on the slender side, I think you’ll love this length and fit! I’d recommend going up a size in these.

Madewell Shorts

If you don’t have the budget for the AGOLDE shorts, Madewell is just as great of an option!
This year, I’m really loving their relaxed shorts. I picked up a pair before heading off on my cross-country road trip, and the fit is perfection. They’ve got a 3″ inseam, so you’re getting a good amount of coverage, and they’re on the looser side and very flattering. They also have a version that has a 5″ inseam for extra coverage. Buy your regular size for a slouchy fit, or size down for a more fitted look.
If you’re on team no thigh gap like I am, I’d recommend trying out their curvy shorts. Admittedly, it took me a while to try them because I thought you needed a big butt to wear curvy jeans. Wrong! If you have thicker thighs, or heck, even a larger lower abdomen area, their curve line is perfect for you.

Honorable Mention: Abercrombie Shorts

For some reason, I can’t find a photo of me wearing my Abercrombie shorts, but they’re pretty great. Abercrombie also has a curve love line, which is great for gals with thicker thighs. They also have a few styles with 4″ and 7″ inseams, making it great for the long-legged lady. Just be careful of the inseam length here, though: it is a brand geared towards teens, so I typically stick with their longer length shorts!

What are your favorite summer shorts? Let me know in the comments below!