Best spring capsule pieces

For the last two days, it has actually felt like spring in New England and it has been glorious.  I’ve been dreaming hard about my cut-flower garden, and literally cannot wait until this fence is overflowing with colorful zinnias and snapdragons.  I always start working on my Spring/summer capsule in late February and early March.  I try to buy pieces that work for both season, and even better if I can carry them into fall as well. (You know I love those 3-season workhorses.)
The Shopbop spring sale started today and I am so excited to share it with you because it is one of my favorite sales!  Shopbop does a major sale 4 times a year (each season) and they are the perfect time to purchase investment capsule pieces.  (Those classics that never or don’t often go on sale- I’m looking at you Karen Walker sunglasses…)
When I cover sales for you guys, I try to think about what is going to be the most beneficial for your closet/life and make suggestions accordingly.  You know I am all about building a functional, intentional wardrobe that serves you, so I highly recommend approaching any purchase with that goal at the heart.  I NEVER buy something just because it is on sale, it needs to be something I would add to my closet regardless, but using sales like this as an opportunity to purchase those pieces you would intentionally add to your closet, I am all about that.  I save and wait for the Shopbop sale so that I can snag those pieces that I have been looking to add to my capsule for a discount.
Below I have rounded up a bunch of great spring capsule pieces you may be looking to add to your closet.  Not every piece on Shopbop’s website is included in the event, but everything I’ve rounded up below is part of the sale, so no worries there.  If you are unsure whether an item you are looking at is included, just look under the price, if it is included you will see the code "SPRING".  I’ve divided each section into categories so you can shop a little easier, and hopefully this is helpful!  Now let’s get going!