Best On-The-Go Jewelry Cleaner

When Todd and I first got engaged I was all about keeping my ring clean. I would get it dipped in white gold every 6 months, and take it to the jewelers every 3 for a quick polish. After 5 years of being married slash being crazy busy, I don't have the time to get my ring cleaned professionally on a regular basis. It's probably been 2 years since I have gotten my ring dipped, and it has become crazy dirty with makeup under the prongs. About a month ago I was browsing through Alixandra Collections Instagram, and saw them post about this Bling Brush. I immediately put down my phone to look at my ring.
Yep....this baby needs some love.
I contacted AC, and told them that I would love to try their product. Before testing the brush on my own ring (so I could document for this post) I was asking all my friends, "Hey let me clean your ring." Cleaning ring after ring after ring, the brush immediately gave diamonds that immediate sparkle! When it was finally time to clean my own ring I immediately started cleaning under the prongs between the little diamonds that are in the grooves of my main diamond. With the brush being small I was able to clean those hard to reach areas that I couldn't clean on my own. I now carry this little brush in my purse in case if I need to give a little more sparkle to my bling.