Back to School in Style

The beginning of a new school year always seemed like a fresh start to me. I felt like I could become a better version of myself every August, and I planned my "comeback" down to the letter. I bought the coolest school supplies, plotted my academic endeavors, and – surprise of the century – planned every single outfit for the first few weeks of school. Even though I’ve been out of school for years, I still get excited for the back to school season. I get nostalgic for school supplies – perhaps a bouquet of newly sharped pencils, and I still take advantage of the plethora of back to school sales at my favorite stores!
My style honestly hasn’t changed much since I was in school. In fact, I still have clothes in my closet that are from middle school! Of course I’ve gotten rid of my bedazzled jeans from 7th grade (what I was thinking?), but well-made basics stay in style forever. Every back to school season, I check out the sales to stock up on affordable, comfortable basics that will work for the remainder of the year! Last week I picked up these gorgeous nude ballet flats from Payless ShoeSource, and they’ve already become one of my favorite pairs of shoes. They’re cute, comfortable, and they match 99.9% of the items in my closet. While I love the design and functionality of the shoes, I loved the price even more! Thanks to the Back to School sale going on right now at Payless, I was able to pick them up for only $10! With prices that low, you can -and I definitely will- pick up a variety of colors to match every outfit in your closet.
Even if you’re not a student, check out the Back to School sale at Payless to get shoes, handbags, and accessories at amazing prices! This sale is definitely not just for kids, and I can guarantee you’ll find something that you love. Some of my favorite shoes and handbags are from Payless, and I’m always impressed with the quality and design. Why pay more when you get awesome items for less? Plus, their SoleStyle blog has a ton of amazing style ideas to inspire your shopping trip! You might even see an article or two from yours truly!
For more information on Payless, check out their Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube accounts!
What’s your favorite back to school memory?