Back From Winter Vacation

Hello everyone, and happy 2018!
Took some much needed time off from work/the blog to be with my family over the holidays. Sometimes it's just best to unplug, and be present with the ones you love.
From the 19-26 I went home to Utah, and I can't tell you how amazing it felt to be back home. Since my parents are divorced I stayed with my Dad for the entire time of my stay, and had so much fun hanging out with papa Melendez. Seeing my Dad during the holidays is very important to me since I am my Dad's only child, and never want him to be alone on Christmas. With being a daddies girl I have a soft spot for my dad.
Some of the highlight's from my trip consisted of hanging with my dad, spending time with my friend Nadya and her twins, seeing my friend Shannon and her family, brunching with my PB girl Britt, teaching at Pure Barre Draper, visiting family, and having a white Christmas.
When I flew home on the 26 Todd and I celebrated Christmas by exchanging stockings.
While I absolutely love the holidays I'm so ready to get back on my normal schedule, and everyday life. #creatureofhabit.
What are some fun things you did over the holiday?