Baby I'm Back!

Ever since I got back from Utah it has been a whirl wind in the Edmunds household. My house is a complete mess, my office floor is covered with Senegence packing materials, dishes every wear, laundry that needs to be put away....
You catch my drift?
I've never been the one to actively clean because I am so busy working or going to the gym that my house to do list never gets touched. The one thing that has occupied my time the most lately is planning my first big project here in Dallas. AHHH I'm so excited you guys! A couple weeks ago on of my Arizona friends Ryann from Ryann Lindsey photography text me if I wanted to do a shoot somewhere in Texas. She literally text me at the moment when I was starting to put together a mood board for a shoot that I wanted to make happen. I told her about the concept, and she jumped right on board. Once Ryann was on board I started to go 110% in my shoot planning by getting all my vendors together, and still have a few details to work out.
You guys... this is going to be amazing!!!! Baby I'm back!

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