Hello my friends. Sorry that I have been quiet through social media, but I've just been so busy in Utah. Can I tell you how much I am still loving the Utah weather?!! Lately we have been having a cold front, and the weather has been in the mid to upper 80s. Ahhhhh. Do you think I miss the 110+ degree weather? NO CHANCE!!
If you follow me through social media then you would have seen that we celebrated my dad's birthday this weekend. The man turns 59 years young today. Since I am my dad's only child we have always been so close, and have a pretty strong bond. This man has influenced my life so much, and has been my biggest fan since the beginning. What I love most about my dad is that no matter what, he has always supported my decisions whether it be schooling, religion preference, blogging, and so much more. I love you so much dad, and am so happy that we can spend my summer together in Utah. Happy birthday dad!

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