Article Sven Review (And How I Restuffed our Cushions)

Over the past four years, one of my most asked questions has always been, "What do you really think of your Article Sven sofas." I get a DM like this at least once every week, so I thought it would be helpful to write a thorough review here. Just to let you know upfront—this is the exact same review (just longer) that I send privately in our DMs all the time. I also wanted to share how I restuffed our couch cushions recently because it was super easy and made such a huge difference!
I think the main reason why I get SO many questions is because buying a sofa online that you can’t test IS scary. I get it! I wish I could read a post just like this before every major purchase!
In our main living spaces, we have the Sven sofas and also the sectional (pictured above).
I chose the sofas because my friend who has kids said they wear really well over time. I have had my share of sofas in the past that did NOT age gracefully, or were a huge pain to upkeep due to our dogs (we have two dogs that shed a good amount). I chose these sofas for practical concerns.
When they first arrived, I noticed that they already looked a bit worn in due to the leather. They are big and comfy, but not "too big" like a lot of the comfy sofas from past decades. I really loved that they feel a bit broken in right away—you don’t have to be scared of messing them up. Since becoming a mom, I now FULLY recognize the value in low maintenance furniture and these are very easy to take care of.
To spot clean them, I use water and a microfiber cloth. If you want to use special cleaners, that is up to you, but water has worked well for me (I don’t use too much, just what is needed to remove the stain). And speaking of stains, we’ve had some pretty gross spills (and other accidents lol) on these sofas. They are easy to clean and can take a beating!
One thing a lot of people have asked about is the back cushions losing their shape. Here’s a tip for the EASIEST way to fix that because yes, they will lose some shape over time (especially if it is your main sofa where you spend a lot of time, aka your television/lounge spot).
Look at that difference!
All I did here to restuff our cushions was add ONE standard size pillow to the back of each pillow. There is a zipper on the bottom back of each pillow, so you can add more filling or an extra pillow like we did.
We just used some pillows from our guest room that were looking a little worn out (needed to be replaced anyway).
We have had this sectional for about two years and our other sofa set for four years. I highly recommend these sofas if you are looking for something kid and pet friendly, as long as you like the comfy look and feel of them. If want something a bit more tailored looking, I would look at the Timber sofa (it’s still comfy, but not as big/fluffy—we have them at our holiday house in Missouri).
Also, I can’t say enough good things about brown leather. I LOVE IT. It is so easy to decorate around season to season.
OK, that’s all I have for now! If you have any more questions about the Sven sofa, I am happy to answer in the comments.
Article is currently having a big Labor Day sale and the Sven sofa (in oxford blue) is included, along with a lot of other things. Click here for more details on that sale.
Happy Labor Day weekend! Elsie

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