An Affordable Alternative To The Iconic Nap Dress

As the self-proclaimed Queen Of The Nap, it’s no surprise that when a dress came out called "The Nap Dress" that I was immediately onboard. I mean, a dress I can nap in, sign me up! Well, let’s be honest. I can nap in just about anything I’m wearing in just about any place. It really is a gift to be able to fall asleep no matter where I am (plane, car, train, sofa – whatever!), but alas being comfortable and at home in bed is always preferred.
An Affordable Alternative To The Iconic Nap Dress

What Is The Nap Dress?

While many brands are now creating their own Nap Dress, there is an original. Over at Hill House Home, they created and named their "hero product" the Nap Dress simply because it’s so comfortable to wear all day, if you happen to fall asleep in it, you’ll still be cozy. There are a few different Nap Dress styles at Hill House Home: The Ellie, The Caroline, The Athena, The Nesli, and The Katherine. All styles have similar fabrications and smocking and ruffled sleeves.

So yes, I love the Hill House Home Nap Dress. Many of my favorite bloggers to follow (Grace, Carly, and Julia) have styled this hero product for spring and summer. The only thing holding me back is the price. I love The Ellie but the $125 price tag is a little steep for me. I know $125 isn’t crazy for most people, but for me, that’s a little more than I like to spend on a dress that’ll have to survive chasing a messy toddler. There had to be a more affordable option.
summer outfit idea | An Affordable Alternative To The Iconic Nap Dress

An Affordable Alternative To The Iconic Nap Dress

My first introduction into the Nap Dress world was via this Miessial style on Amazon. I know a lot of bloggers and influencers were wearing this dress and I instantly fell in love. So duh, purchase! At around $30, I was sold. The pretty blue color, stripes, ruffled sleeves – it’s almost like this dress was made for me. I also just now realized it’s super similar to my Target dress I rave about too. Clearly, I like what I like, ha!
Later on is when I learned that this dress certainly takes its inspiration from the Hill House Home Nap Dress. But to be perfectly honest, I like the Miessial version I’m wearing here today a bit better. I even included this dress in my favorite Amazon dresses under $100 roundup too! The neckline is higher so I can wear a normal bra with this dress. The skirt isn’t tiered and the sleeves are a more dramatic ruffle. It really just suits my personal style a bit more. The best part is I can wash and dry it like normal without having to iron it – yes!
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Nap Dress Alternatives To Shop Under $100

I’d be apprehensive to say the dress I’m wearing here is a knock-off or a dupe – it’s certainly inspired by Hill House Home but not totally identical. I actually think the Nap Dress outside of the Hill House Home brand is referred to as House Dresses or just smocked dresses.

In any case, if you’re looking for a more affordable Nap Dress alternative, I’ve found a few styles here under $100 that are so perfect for spring, you’ll want to check them out now! I also own this smocked nap dress from Aerie that’s great for fall! But by all means, if you can swing the price I’d 100% say go for the original, it’s stunning!
nap dress dupes An Affordable Alternative To The Iconic Nap Dress

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