Always organized thanks to my Vaultskin leather accessories

If we really want to find a positive side to this quarantine, it's undoubtedly the amount of free time that we have at our disposal. And obviously the chance to choose how to spend it. So during these very strange days at home, I've decided to make the most of my free time: spending tons of hours with my daughter, pampering myself, cultivating my passions. But as I always keep an eye on the future, and as I hope that soon we will back to real life, I've also decided to take advantage of these days doing some research to find useful objects that will help and simplify my life when the chaos and haste will be back on my agenda.
I don't know what I hated the most: the fact of losing a lot of precious time, looking for what I needed without ever finding it; or the hassle of transferring selected items into a small wallet each time I decided to wear an evening bag.
In order to have everything under control, you must be organized, starting from the small little things that are part of our everyday life. This is the reason why I've decided to throw away my big wallet, heavy and full of useless things, that never fit into most of my handbags.
I spent several days looking for the perfect wallet, consulting a myriad of online stores until I found it: Belgravia by Vaultskin.
To be perfect for my needs, a wallet must have these characteristics: it must be of excellent quality in order to last over time; it must be small in order to fit into all of my bags; it must be well organized, with different pockets and compartments, so that I always have full control and a clear idea of where everything is stored inside; it must be light; it must have an elegant and smart design, and of course the price has to be reasonable.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I first found Belgravia by Vaultskin: it's realized with premium materials such as the top grain textured Italian leather, available in eight different amazing shades. I was very undecided between red and blue, but in the end the last one got my final decision because I think it better matches with my bags and with the palette I use the most.
The wallet measurement is minimal but the space is perfectly organized throughout a solid zip, a magnetic clasp, pockets and compartments. Belgravia allows me to keep cards with me, cash and small items, but at the same time it has a small measurement a minimalist marvel and it's very slim. Its multi-functional innovation is the key: Have  I already mentioned the clever front pockets, and the middle section that holds a lot of possibilities?
Let's talk about the security aspect: everything in Belgravia is covered by Vaultskin's superior RFID blocking technology so data thieves with electronic scanners can’t take contactless payments or steal your personal information, and you won’t be charged on more than one card for holding your wallet too close to the scanner for an authorised transaction. That's a very clever and useful feature I have never had before and I'm just wondering how I have done without it until now.
Conquered by Vaultskin's efficiency and quality, I looked at all the products on the website and I fell in love with a fashion accessory that I know will become indispensable for me: the Victoria Case.
Basically, it's a crossbody iPhone case to keep your phone always within a hand's reach, while being always free to move. Can you imagine how important it is to be always ready to be connected but having my hands free at the same time? That sounds amazing!
With the Victoria I can stay in touch, take pictures, upload my contents and pay effortlessly and stylishly. Its design was realized for a daily use: very useful, functional, comfortable to wear and also stylish.
Not even mentioning its top-grain Italian leather, superior quality metal finishes and precise, hand-stitched seams too.
The Victoria is available in five lovely shades: the purple is amazing but after thinking a little bit about this iPhone crossbody case I chose black. The reason is that I plan to wear this useful accessory every day and with any kind of outfit. So black just seemed to me the most smart, easy-to-combine choice. Am I wrong? Maybe later on I can think of buying another case in a different color.
I've ordered the Belgravia and Victoria just last week and now they're in my hands: the first impression is great. Everything's treated in detail: each leather goodie comes in a compact cool box which makes them also perfect as a great gift.
Combining luxury, style, and practicality, the Vaultskin range of wallets and cases has something for everyone: just go and find your perfect one.

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