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One of the (many) things I struggled with when I first started my blog was getting the right background for my photos. Browsing through Instagram there are so many fantastic images that I’d been craving to create myself but I had no clue how to do certain things. Take for example photos in the bath surrounded by thousands of rose petals, or a casual pose while carrying a cup of coffee. How about those perfect blogger photos with a laptop and glossy magazines laid out perfectly on a white table? Where to get that immaculate aesthetic white background that just doesn’t exist in my house?
It took me a while to understand a few tricks of the blogger’s world, but guys do not underestimate the power of props. They are fantastic if you want to enhance your photos. 


Stating the obvious but add some candles or diffusers to your photos to create a bit of ambience. The Diptique ones are particularly Instagram friendly, but there are cheaper alternatives like those beauties from Next or Molton Brown.
Blogger props


Using magazines is probably one of my favourite ways to "dress up" my shots. The same thing goes for books, especially the ones with pretty covers.
Books are great because they fill space in your background, and you’ll have loads laying around at home.
Affordable Blogger Props


A board is a great prop especially as I don’t have a perfect white or marble like background in the house. I like using white marble adhesive film and plexiglass. You can find a ton of different colours and patterns of adhesive film on Amazon for a mere few pounds. Options are endless.
Blogger props


Small trinket dishes / trays or jewellery holders are an easy way to add some colour and elegance to your shots. I really like using a mix of silver and crystal holders as I find them quite chic and classy.
Blogger props


I love incorporating flowers to my photos, they add elegance and class. My favourite are roses and peonies. But cactus and succulents work pretty well too since I already have a number of those around the house.
Nothing makes a photo bright and happy like a bouquet of flowers.
Blogger props


Sunglasses are a fun touch and look fantastic with a glossy magazine and a cocktail. Reading glasses look great in photos too, but since I don’t have a pair I just borrow them from my husband when I need to. It does the trick.
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These are a MUST, they make so much difference to images. I would recommend these teeny copper ones, they are small but bright enough to add some twinkle to your image without going OTT.
History of blogging, facts. Elegant Duchess Blog Blogger props


Right, this is a little specific, I know, but I find anything in rose gold very elegant. Silver is a bit boring and frankly this is what we use in the office day in day out.

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