Aching for Utah.....

I can't believe that Thanksgiving week is here, and that Todd and I aren't going to be able to go home. Since we moved away from Utah 5 years ago we have always made it home for the holiday even though it might have not been on the exact day. The fact that we aren't going home at all crushes my heart, and I have missed AZ/UT like crazy over the past 5 months.
My experience in Dallas has definitely challenged me in ways I didn't know were possible, and being further away from friends and family is one of them. Last night I told Todd that I want to go home for Christmas to see my friends and family because I desperately miss them. My family doesn't get together a ton, and Christmas has become one of the only times that everyone comes together. The thought of missing that family get together coupled with Todd working Christmas Eve isn't something I want to go through. Call me selfish, but going home is something I need to do. My heart aches for Utah....
 Spending a couple hundred dollars on anything is kind of a sore spot in our house since we are shoving out money for Oral Surgery interviews, but I told Todd that it's worth it to me to spend the money I've been saving for a new lens to go home.
Many sacrifices have been made by moving to Dallas, and not going home for Christmas isn't something I'm ready to give up quite yet.
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