A Yellow Pop

Big announcement to make! Fall has officially begun in AZ!!! All I can say is yasssssss...... (insert hand clap emoji). It has been a long summer, and I have been waiting for these cooler temps for months.
With October temps hitting Phoenix it's finally time to start wearing layers and longer hems! One of my favorite fall items to wear is maxi skirts/dresses for 3 reasons: A) it hides my white legs, B) total comfort, and C) makes me look taller. I was so excited when I got this skirt from Maxid Out because it's a light weight jersey, and is the perfect color to add pop to an outfit. Maxid Out specializes in selling only cute maxi skirts and dresses at a low price!
I loved pairing this chambray shirt with the skirt to give this outfit a laid back vibe. Since receiving this skirt I have already gotten lots of use from it. Just the other day when running errand I paired this skirt with a knotted white tee and a denim jacket.
Make sure you check out Maxid Out today, and take a look at their amazing clothing!

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