A simple mantra I tell myself when I feel overwhelmed.

I’ve shared this before, but Monday is one of my favorite days of the week.  I love jumping head first back into my routine and getting stuff done.  It can also be a kind of stressful day though, because there is usually a lot of work stuff waiting for me to deal with first thing Monday morning, emails to respond to, content to create, deadlines, etc.  My kids are back in school, but that means balancing pick-ups, and practices and getting everyone out the door in the morning, where they need to be in the afternoon, making sure homework and chores are getting done.  Some Monday’s it feel like a lot.
I often find myself saying "I’m so busy" over and over again, and honestly I kind of hate the acted upon vibe that gives me.  Instead every time I start to feel frantic with everything I have to do, I say "I have all the time I need," instead.
Replacing the phrase "I’m so busy," with "I have all the time I need," helps me stop the stress cycle and realize that what I need to do, it calmly work through each item I’ve got to get done.  It also subtly reminds me to curate my to-do’s so that I am putting first-things-first; Remembering that everything I have on my plate, I chose to put on there, and all the things I am doing, all the things that sometimes make me feel overly busy or stressed are, when it comes down to it, huge blessings.
The work I do with and for my kids is a huge blessing and I love it so much.  I’ve also been blessed with lots of work to do on my business, and I chose to take on/create that work.  It’s fun, engaging and fulfilling.  My house is a handful, but I enjoy the process of fixing it up, and once again, I chose to buy an old fixer-upper farmhouse.  I chose these things, they are good things, and I have all the time I need to do what I need to do.  I can’t do everything.  But I can do enough.
Try switching out "I’m so busy," for "I have all the time I need."
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