A love letter to linen.

A love letter to linen.

We’ve gotten into the sticky part of summer in New England, when it’s soupy everyday, and you just want to be in a swimsuit at the beach.  We do this every week, ditch our regular clothes and head to the beach in  Rhode Island.  But when I can’t be swimming you can pretty much almost always find me in linen, basically until the leaves start to turn and the weather goes crisp again.
Oh linen, how I love you and your breezy, perfectly imperfect natural fabric.  Your wrinkles that make everything easy and low-maintenance, your fibers that somehow get softer and softer with more wear…  Thank you for keeping me cool when it feels like the inside of a dogs mouth outside, and for making me feel lovely and comfortable even when I’m face sweating and my hair turns frizzy.
I’ve been devoted to linen for years, (anyone been around since this this ode to my linen pants?) but the last few months I’ve fallen in love anew, especially since I have found some really great linen shops, and some of my favorite brands have really stepped up their linen game this summer.

Here are some of my favorite linen shops:


This gorgeous linen dress is from Offon, and they totally customized the dress proportions and sleeve lengths for me.  I will be ordering from them over and over again because the quality is unparalleled.


I ordered this romper from LinenDi and I love it as much as this dress.  She also customized the length for me, and the quality is beautiful, the linen is soft and gorgeous and her prices are super reasonable.

Not Perfect Linen:

I have been waiting months for NPL to reopen their shop, and I can’t wait to order a few pieces from them.  Specifically this dress, and this cute button up.


You know I have to give Everlane some love because their linen offerings this summer are 100%.  I have this jumpsuit and I adore it, and this linen top as well.


Madewell never lets me down and I love their linen pieces this season.  I have these cute pants and I love their linen dresses and jumpsuits.
linen favorites:

all my linen favorites this season:

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