A little update.

Shein Top. (c/o). AG Jeans.  Marc Fisher Wedges. Tory Burch Bag. Karen Walker Sunglasses. Kate Spade Necklace. Madewell Ring.

Happy Monday guys!  I’m sorry I’ve been a little MIA since last week, but life has been crazy!   So here’s a little update on life lately and what’s been going on around here…

On Thursday afternoon we (finally) signed and got the keys to our farmhouse.  We were so excited to get them we just ditched the hotel for the last night and stayed in our empty house.

I’ve never been so happy to sleep on a wood floor.  Friday morning, the movers showed up and brought all of our stuff in, set up the beds and furniture and only managed to damage one of our antique newel posts on our smaller staircase.  (Noooooo!)  Considering how narrow that set of stairs is, I call it a victory.

Saturday morning the unpackers came and helped get everything out of the boxes (it was nice to see me dishes again) and helped us put a lot of the stuff away.  (At least the stuff where I knew where to put away.)

We spent the rest of Saturday putting stuff away, rearranging furniture.  We took the kids up to the barn and let them explore the hayloft.  Showed them where we are going to put the corral for the horses, and the garden this spring.  The boys spent the afternoon chopping enough wood from our property so we could have a roaring fire literally for the rest of the weekend. (And we did.)

All weekend I’ve felt like Annie, in that part where she’s dancing around Daddy Warbucks’ house singing "I think I’m gonna like it here."  I’ve never seen my family so in our element.  I love our quirky old farmhouse, and the pretty red barn.  All the old wood floors and squeaky original doors.  I love how durable everything is.  How I’m not stressed or worried about every little scratch or ding, because the house already has plenty and it just ads more "charater."  I love how it’s giving my kids room to really be kids.  It’d probably not everyone’s dream house, but it’s totally mine.

We’ve been without internet since we moved in, so I’ve been and will continue to be pretty cut off from everything until Wednesday when they come to set it up.  They’re getting to know me really well at Starbucks (hello free wifi).

Last week we had the most gorgeous sunny warm weather.  It was in the 70’s, and felt like spring.  Perfect day to take my pretty new bow top and favorite new wedges for a test drive.  (And I’m glad I did because it turned arctic again this weekend.  That New England cold is no joke!)

  There are definitely certain pieces I invest in for my closet and other pieces that I like to find for a steal.   The pieces I invest in are always the ones that I can wear over and over again, things like a versatile Tory Burch handbag, wedges that go with anything, good AG skinnies, and a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses.  Trendy tops are something I love finding for a steal like this pretty bow sleeve one (that’s perfect for the spring and summer months) and it’s less than $20.

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