A little leopard.

pop of leopard fall outfit
black and tan fall layers
leopard loafers
a little leopard and a casual outfit
I feel like if I took all the most versatile pieces in my closet and put them together in an outfit this would be the result.  Maybe not quite all of them, but almost.  Black jeggings, denim jacket, gray sweatshirt, tartan scarf, black saddle bag and a little leopard…
I was just going through pictures on my phone last night. (I ran out of memory, again- blah) and needed to delete old pictures.  I found a bunch from the summer and remembered how much harder it is to get dressed in the warmer months, for me anyway.  I love getting dressed in the fall.  Layers weather makes navigating my closet so darn easy.
I just added these leopard loafers to my closet a couple weeks ago and I love them.  I have leopard pumps and sneakers that I love but I wanted some flats that were a little let tennis-shoey.  I’ve been pretty devoted to ballet flats for several years, but I thought mixing it up and trying a loafer flat would be a refreshing addition and it turns out it is.
Speaking of cleaning off pictures, can anyone tell me if there is a way to delete pictures on your iPhone in bulk without having to select them one at a time?  Because seriously.  It takes FOR-EV-ER.
black saddle bag tartan scarf

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