A great puffer coat that’s actually petite friendly.

A great puffer coat that’s actually petite friendly.

We had another snowstorm yesterday, our third big one since December, and we’re supposed to have another 3-4 over the next 10-days. Can I just tell you what a joy it is to live in a place that snows? There’s absolutely no irony in that statement. Our property is basically and a winter wonderland right now and I love it. Bring on all the snow until garden season, please and thank you.
And while we’re on the subject of winter weather… let’s talk about this coat, because holy cow, I actually found a petite friendly puffer coat, and it is so good.
One of the best things about getting to connect with all of you wonderful readers, is finding out that when it comes to getting dressed, we have a lot of the same pain points. Finding the perfect pair of jeans, sweaters that don’t itch, boots you can wear with cropped jeans… etc. One of the biggest pain points we share, especially us petite women, is finding a winter coat that doesn’t look like it’s swallowing us whole. In fact, when I first spotted this amazing amazon coat over a year ago, I wrote it off, because I was SURE it wouldn’t work for me; I was practically positive it would be too big, that I would be swimming in it, that I would look like I’d been swallowed by a marshmallow. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong, because this coat is such a winner.
After a friend of mine and fellow shorty (4’11" to be exact) got this coat last month and it worked perfectly for her I knew I had to give it a shot. And I am so glad I did. This coat is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. So good.

Let’s talk about what makes it so petite friendly.

First of all, this coat goes down to an XXS in size, although unless you are smaller than me, you won’t need it, I am wearing the XS and it fits perfect. It has a yoke shoulder, so there’s no awkward shoulder seam, it rounds off and blends just like it should, instead of that tell-tale pucker when the fit isn’t just quite right. The sleeve length is perfect and it has a great little elastic cuff that keeps it right on the perfect spot. It’s long enough to be a serious winter coat without being too long, and the side zippers make it possible to tighten it up a bit if you need it a little more fitted. In short, it’s a really solid option for us petite girls.
If you aren’t petite, no fear, I’ve seen this coat on all sizes petite, to average to tall, and it works beautifully on all of them.

How do I love this coat? Let me count the ways…

  • First of all, this baby is warm. Like, play outside in a snowstorm with my kids for hours and not get cold warm. But somehow, when I am hanging out inside and don’t want to take it off (because it’s seriously so soft) I don’t get all hot and sweaty. I don’t know how, but it just is that amazing.
  • Second, its so soft and comfy to wear. I know I mentioned that above but it needs its own bullet. It really, ridiculously soft. It feels like you’re wearing a big down comforter in the best possible way. I’d probably nap in this thing if it wouldn’t make my family think I was nuts.
  • Third, pockets! This coat has a bunch of thoughtful awesome pockets. Hand pockets and zip pockets, right where you want them and perfect for what you need, especially if you want to wear it skiing or out and about.
  • Fourth, the hood is legit. Sherpa lined (again, so soft), and big enough to cover your whole head and keep you comfortably warm. No bad winter hair with this baby, that hood’s got you covered. Literally.
  • Fifth, I love the length. If I am buying a puffer coat, it’s because I want to stay really warm in our really cold New England climate and I want that thing to COVER me, I love that it goes all the way down to my mid-thigh.
  • Sixth, I love the black trim. I’m a sucker for the little design details, and I love a little contrast, so I love the black trim on this coat.
I hope you found this helpful, especially if you have been thinking about purchasing this coat. It’s a great quality petite friendly puffer coat, and I highly recommend it if you are looking for one. It comes in several colors (13 to be exact!) and I am wearing the "beige" color (although it’s more of an off-white).

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