A Golden Skirt in The Golden Hour

A Golden Skirt in The Golden Hour

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The Magic of the Golden Hour

The hour before sunset is commonly referred to as the "golden hour." For a limited time, the light shines in a way that makes everything look better. The hour before the golden hour can be filled with harsh light and shadows, and the hour after is slightly drab due to the incoming darkness. But during that magical, one-hour time period, the world is beautiful and perfect for a split second.
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I feel like the golden hour is God’s way of reminding us that everything is better than it may seem. The water glistens, the heat of the day subsides, and the season’s flowers are more colorful than ever. It’s a sweet spot where everything is perfect for just a moment. Over the past 29 years, I’ve learned that small "golden hour" moments in our life. We get what feels like 15 seconds where everyone is happy and healthy before the drama of life begins all over again.
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Life moves on, whether we’re ready for it or not, so it’s up to us to cherish every second of our own golden hours and enjoy the bliss. Treasure every moment where your family members are healthy. Soak in every second of your loved one’s happiness. Breathe in the day’s fresh air and dance in the rain. The good times go by so much quicker than you think, so revel in every moment of your golden hour.
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My life is far from perfect, but just like the golden hour light makes everything seem a bit more beautiful, knowing that my friends and family are safe, happy, and healthy makes life’s imperfections harder to notice. If things aren’t going your way at the moment, don’t fret. Life is good, and it may just be a few more hours before the golden light of your life kicks in. But don’t worry – it’s coming. 

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