A Bit of Flare

Have y'all ever heard of The Blue Jeans Bar? If not, ya need to get. on. it.  Seriously.  How awesome is this: you only have to pay a $1 deposit to get signed up.  Once you sign up, you get a one-on-one consultation with a stylist, they send you a bunch of fab designer jeans coordinated into outfits with tops, jewelry, accessories, and even shoes.  You pick what you want and ship the rest back and your credit card will be charged automatically for what you keep.  It's like effortless shopping if you ask me AND it's a monthly subscription! I fell in love with this pair of designer flared jeans that was in my BJB Express box.  I can't wait to style them more! They're the perfect length for me too, because obviously, I'm super tall, and I'm wearing 5 inch heels.  So, that's when you know it's love.
Happy happy Friday!

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