90’s Throwback Style

Levi’s tee (I knotted mine!) // Levi’s skinny jeans
Adidas superstar sneakers // Rayban sunglasses
I’m a 90s child through and through… raise your hand if you loved Levi’s jeans, beanie babies, gel pens and Lisa Frank school supplies (just a few of my favorite things, haha!). Although I wouldn’t want to live through the 90s again, I do like revising the fashion – especially since it’s considered "trendy" right now! I found my new retro tee and skinny jeans (both from Levi’s) on eBay. They were both brand new items, although they were vintage-inspired, of course I actually forgot how much I loved Levi’s jeans – they are SO comfortable! You can bet I’ll be wearing this particular pair all autumn long.
If you didn’t know, 81% of the items sold on eBay are actually brand new items! And most of the items are "Buy It Now," so you don’t have to bid on them. You can check out more of their women’s clothing here.