9 Minutes Glutes and Thighs

We all have such busy lives, and sometimes our workouts suffer the consequences. I think sometimes we get it programmed in our brains that when we workout it needs to be for an hour. That train of thought leads to skipping a workout because you can't dedicate an hour of your time when work, family, or friends are your immediate attention. While I think an hour is a great goal to work toward you can still get a good burn in a short amount of time. In order to maintain your workout schedule momentum sometimes it's best to do a 15 minute session just so you can keep the rhythm of working out during the week. Here's a quick glute and thigh workout that is only 9 minutes for that busy gal on the go.
What we are working: Glutes, hamstrings, and thighs.
What you need: Yourself and a wall :)

Wall Slides

Sit against a wall and extend one leg forward. Slide down and up against the wall by bending the knee while maintaining the height of extended leg. Do this 10x then repeat same thing for the other leg.

Plank Leg Lifts

Come to a full body plank, and bend your knee bringing your heel to the ceiling. Keep the heel glued in while you lower, and lift the leg. Do this 10x each side while maintaining the plank position.  

Hip Raises

Extend a leg to the ceiling, and lower/lift the hips. Do this 10x for each side.
Once you have done the whole series, repeat it one more time then your done!
Thought of the day: Healthy bodies are happy bodies :)

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