5 Ways to Dress for Fall when You Live in a Desert

5 Ways to Dress for Fall when You Live in a Desert

Greetings from the cactus state! Right as I pulled up to my apartment on Friday afternoon I about died (ok maybe thats an exaggeration ) when I got out of my car, and felt the heat wave of the Arizona inferno. Cue the fire and cry emojis. How am I suppose to rock fall apparel when my phone tells me its 108?? Cue 20 fire and cry emojis...
Yesterday I was shooting one of my favorite bloggers (fellow Utah native), and we talked about how hard it is to wear fall clothes when we are so used to layering when the season approaches. My first fall in Arizona was horrible because all my clothes were long sleeved, and were fit for a Utah climate. Over the 3 years I've been an Arizona resident I have learned the tricks of the trade.
If you are like me and live in a desert, here are some ideas on how to dress for fall when it still feels like summer.

Color Scheme

The deep purples, olives greens, taupes, and rich grey always scream fall. In this outfit that I am currently featuring I decided to add the olive green hat and shorts to give my outfit that automatic fall feel. Currently stores are coming out with their fall collections that are filled with the seasons rich colors. When perusing the clothing racks opt for a top that is short sleeved or light weight that is cohesive with fall colors.
Another way to stay within the colors scheme of fall is to opt for a darker lip color.


I seriously can't get enough.... Hats are an amazing accessory because it can transform the whole look. By adding a hat to an outfit that is fit for a hot climate will give that extra fall edge.
I love pairing hats with neutral light weight dresses to take my outfit from spring to fall.


Insert 100+ heart eye emojis here. Put this at the top of my fall go-to list. Adding booties to shorts, skirt, or pants will put you on point with fall fashion without getting sweaty in hot temps. Going for a bootie that is ankle length will still allow your feet to breath, and prevent your leg getting drenched in sweat.


Shorts are the perfect solution to balancing out wearing a fall top without melting in the sun. If you decide to wear a light weight sweater or jacket, shorts are the perfect alternative to pants. One of my favorite looks I shot yesterday from the blog included these shorts paired with a strapless top, and lightweight jacket.
I love these shorts that I'm wearing now because they are the perfect addition for a fall in Arizona. When it starts to get colder I will pair some black hosiery underneath the shorts to prepare for winter.

Suede Skirt

This was a big hit last season, and has made a rolling come back. I currently don't own one, but am in the process of finding the right one. What I love about this skirt is that it's 100% fall. The color, the feel, and the fabric are the epitome of fall. Since it's a skirt it will keep you cool, and prevent summer meltdowns. I'm currently coveting these two here and here. Such an versatile piece, and can be paired with a chambray top or a lightweight sweater.
What are your favorite ways to transition into fall?

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