5 sustainable and ethical swimwear brands you need to know

Having a more sustainable wardrobe should be the goal of each of us, and if for most of our clothes there is a lot of choice in second hand stores, for swimwear it could be difficult. A way to buy swimwear without having a great impact on the environment is to buy from sustainable and ethical brands. In this post you will find 5 wonderful brands with super trendy styles that also value respect for the environment and workers.


The first brand we want to talk about is Anekdot, a lingerie and swimwear brand that uses waste materials from other productions to make their garments and other innovative and recycled materials that save water, carbon emissions and resources. Their products are made ethically in Germany.


Underprotection is one of our favorite brands both as regards swimwear and lingerie because they have a very beautiful style. They use natural organic materials and recycled synthetic materials and the production is in India where workers receive fair compensation and are treated equally.


Batoko is a colorful and fun brand that makes you happy just by looking at the photos of their entire collection. Their swimsuit are made of recycled plastic that is found in the oceans or landfills, a wonderful initiative that allows to recover plastic waste that would otherwise pollute the environment forever.

Now Then

Now Then is a brand with a very elegant style. For the swimwear they use an innovative fiber called ECONYL which is made by recycling the fishing nets that pollute the oceans giving them a new life.


Last but not least Und is a made in Italy brand that uses recycled materials to create their beautiful timeless costumes that can be used in the years to come without ever going out of fashion.

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