5 reasons why I love jumpsuits.

Jumpsuit. (also available here.) shoes. sunglasses. Cage bag.

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When the jumpsuit trend first emerged a few years ago, I was on the fence about it.  My initial thoughts were something to the effect of them reminding me of toddler clothing, and I wasn’t super thrilled by the idea of having to get naked every time I needed to use the ladies room.  They’ve obviously grown on me since then, and now I’m proud to say, I’m a raving fan.

Here’s what I love about jumpsuits:

They’re an instant outfit.  It’s exactly how I feel about a dress, throw it on, and you look styled and  intentional. You’re ready to go, no muss, no fuss.

They’ve got all the "instant outfit" appeal of a dress and all the functionality of pants.  Can you say, "mom’s best friend?"

They’re fun and quirky.  You can’t take yourself too seriously in a jumpsuit, it’s like a party for your whole body.  Seriously, though. ;-)


They are classic.  Women have been wearing jumpsuits off and on since the 40’s and there’s a reason. They’re classic.

They can work for anyone, you just have to find your fit/silhouette.  Even a shorty like me can rock a jumpsuit.

more of my favorite jumpsuits right now:

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