5 (Easy) Clean Beauty Halloween Looks!

Clean beauty may not be synonymous with Halloween, but it totally can be! I used some of my favorite non-toxic makeup brands to come up with five easy looks that you can whip up in 10-15 minutes and adapt to a ton of different costumes. I was feeling pretty inspired after I came across this eyeshadow line from Johnny Concert, which hits all the marks: non-toxic, tons of bold colors, and good pigment.
In this post, we’re going to focus on eyes, cheeks, and lips. If you’re interested in foundation, take a look here and here. If you’re not sure about a product I’m talking about, check the bottom of the post—I’ve linked everything I used for this post that isn’t specific to each look there!
Almost every look includes false lashes. Some tips: Make sure you cut your lashes down before applying (not the length of the lashes, but the length of the lash band), and let your glue set a little before putting them on your lash line. If you’re a false lash newbie or want an in-depth refresher, you can watch this tutorial from Oui Fresh here where I give all my best tips and tricks for an easy application.
One technique note: you’ll see "wet eyeshadow" mentioned a lot in this post. That means I’m using a regular pressed dry eyeshadow, just in a different application style. With a damp eyeshadow brush, dip into/swirl into your eyeshadow pan as normal. Then, apply where you want it by pressing instead of blending—it’s more like applying a pigmented cream and gives a bolder look.

Roller Disco Dream

The ’70s: a blue eyeshadow lover’s paradise. Add bold blush, some gems, and a glossy lip (maybe some feathered layers or big bouncy curls) and you’ve got everything you need.
  1. Apply a primer, then a dry gold shadow up to the brow bone. I also put some setting powder under Elsie’s eyes in case some eyeshadow fell in that area while I was applying it. This makes it easy to just brush it away later.
  2. Cover just the eyelid with wet blue shadow, and with an angled brow brush or smaller shadow brush, line under the eyes.
  3. Gently blend the line between your blue and gold shadow with a dry brush.4. Apply a thin layer of black liner, mascara, and your false lashes.
    5. For gems on the outer corner, any rhinestones or small gems will work. To apply them, use a Q-tip or small makeup brush and put a small, thin layer of eyelash glue on the outer corner of your eye, in a "reverse" cat eye shape, drawing an imaginary line upward from your bottom lash line. Place the gems (carefully, I like to steady my arm on a countertop) with a pair of tweezers in a straight line, then press on each gem until dry and secure. This is just a guideline—you can get totally crazy with the gems here, too!
Take a hot pink blush (or you can use a hot pink eyeshadow like we did here), and apply from the temples down through the hollows of the cheekbone. Don’t be shy with the blush on this look!
We used Lovefool from Oui Fresh on the lips for an extra pop of pink.
Grab your roller skates or favorite dancing shoes—it’s disco time, babe!

Mod Moment

This look is such a delicate little cream puff! A lot of mod looks have a black eyeshadow cut crease, but that can be time consuming and require some practice, so this silver shimmer faux cut crease is a fun and easy alternative.
  1. Apply some setting powder under your eyes if you’re concerned about eyeshadow ‘fallout’ (when stray pigment or shimmer falls under your eyes while you’re applying). Lightly dust this off with a makeup brush when you’re done with your look, along with any fallout!
  2. Prime with eyeshadow primer, then apply wet pink shadow over the entire crease.
  3. Apply wet silver shimmer in an arch shape from the inner corner of the eye, up to the brow bone then down to the outer corner to frame where the pink shadow ended. Use the pressing motions mentioned above and it’ll be super easy to control (I like using a shorter bristled brush for this, as well). Don’t think about doing this step in one fell swoop, but in small steps. Go over it a few times if it’s not as sparkly or pigmented as you want it to be.
  4. Laura already had lash extensions, so we didn’t use false lashes. If you want to add those to your look (which I think would look so so good!), I recommend something like these or these—mod lashes have kind of a spidery, almost clustered quality to them that are unmistakeable.
  5. For gems on the inner corner, any rhinestones or small gems will work. To apply them, use a Q-tip or small makeup brush and put a small, thin layer of eyelash glue on the inner corner of your eye. Place the gem (again, if this makes you nervous, steady your arm on a non-moving surface) with a pair of tweezers, then press on each gem until dry and secure.
  6. Add a winged liner.
  7. Lots of mascara on lower lashes! Hold a piece of paper under your lashes so you don’t get any mascara on your skin.Cheeks
  1. Dust on a pink blush. We used the blush from this palette.
  2. We picked the silver shimmer eyeshadow back up and used it as a highlight on the cheekbones. I love the way it ties into the shape of the eyeshadow!
A pale nude lip is a given for a mod look like this. I used this Oui Fresh lipstick that’s currently on sale!
You’re done! All you need is a vintage dress, and you’re ready for your Megan Draper moment. #zoubisoubisou

’90s Hot Topic Witch

When we talked about this look, we knew we wanted it to be a nod to the ’90s. The glitter on the cheeks and dark lipstick offset that tattoo necklace and front hair pieces in the best ways possible. This one takes a little more skill to blend on the eyeshadow, so I’ll break it down a little more for ya!

  1. Prime with eyeshadow primer, then apply your base color. I used this dark metallic purple up to the brow bone.
  2. With a smaller eyeshadow brush, pick up some black eyeshadow, tap off the excess, and starting on the outer corner of your eye, smudge/press the brush in that small corner to deposit the color.
  3. Once you’ve gotten most of the color off of your brush, you can start blending out in a cat eye-type shape through your crease with a larger, eyeshadow brush. The key here is to use as little product as possible so you have more control over your look, and get that nice gradient instead of a muddy effect, though this look isn’t meant to be super clean and perfect—she’s a witch, after all!
  4. You can use a smaller brush and dip it in the black eyeshadow to smoke out the under eye area. Just pass over the area under the eyelashes with a few windshield wiper motions.
  5. Apply a thin layer of black liner and mascara.
  6. Apply your false lashes—I like to use big spidery lashes for this look! The bigger the better for me when you’re using dark pigments and a stylized look like this.
  1. Dip into your purple eyeshadow with a blush brush—this cuts those cheekbones really sharply and gives a little more of a witchy appearance.
  2. Grab some gel glitter or use some eyelash glue and craft glitter on the cheekbones.
  1. Grab a primer/liner (this one does both) and a super dark lipstick.
  2. Pick up some of the mauve eyeshadow with your finger, and gently pat some of it onto the middle of your lips. This is a lipstick topper and it kind of has the effect of a highlighter for lips—it gives dimension and a little extra excitement.
Alright gal, grab your spell book and get to work (and probably find your No Doubt CD, too).

Way to GLOW (no wrestling necessary)

Need a besties costume? Debbie and Ruth from the gloriously ’80s GLOW on Netflix have quickly become iconic frenemies. Throw on some spandex and let’s get glowing …
Debbie/Liberty Belle
  1. Apply a primer and start off with a wet dark blue shadow applied up to the crease.
  2. Take an angled brow brush and dip into a gel glitter (or make your own by mixing craft glitter together with eyelash glue), and make a cat eye shape by making pressing motions instead of swiping/painting motions—this will make it hard to control your shape and you won’t be able to put down much glitter. By using a stamping/pressing motion, you’ll be able to get good glitter coverage and make your shape slowly and easily. To make your cat eye shape, start at the beginning of the inner brow bone, following your brow bone until it lines up with your outer corner. Take it up into the cat eye peak, then connect it to your outer corner.
  3. Using your liquid liner, make a thin line on your upper lash line to conceal your false lashes.
  4. Apply a thin layer of black liner, mascara, and your false lashes.
A pink or red blush is totally appropriate here. Remember our eyeshadow trick, if you have a dark or hot pink eyeshadow, now is a great time to use that as a blush if you don’t have a blush in that shade. Apply from the temples down through the hollow of the cheek.
  1. Line and/or prime your lips.
  2. Apply a red lip.
Ruth/Zoya the Destroya
  1. Apply a primer and blend a gold shadow all the way up to the brow bone.
  2. Blend a dark red shadow to the crease.
  3. With a small brush, apply a gel glitter (see Debbie’s look for tips on this!) over the crease of the eye in a cat eye shape.
Apply dark red eyeshadow as blush from the temples down through the hollows of the cheekbones.
Grab a primer/liner (this one does both) and a super dark lipstick.
You’re ready to get in the ring! But don’t do anything once you’re in there because you (probably) don’t know how to wrestle.
There ya have it—five looks, all clean beauty. A lot of products can be used for multiple things, which is nice. I hope you feel excited to put together some looks of your own! Just remember: There are no rules when it comes to makeup (even if someone tries to tell you there are). If you like your look, it doesn’t really matter what everyone else thinks. Own your look, go out there, and live your very best Halloween LIFE.
xo. Keely

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