4 tips for getting out of a summer style funk.

It’s usually about this time of the season that I start to get a bit bored with my summer wardrobe and fall into a late summer style funk.  I’m starting to feel the urge to pull out those fall styles, but it’s still hot and muggy in New England, layers are a no-go.  And also, all my kids are still home for the summer so it means I’m in full on mom mode. Lots of house projects, trips to the library, beach days, outings and errands with the kids.  I always get a little basic with getting dressed when I’m in that mode.  The problem is, I know myself well enough to know that when I start dressing this way, I also start feeling a bit, blah.  I have learned over the years that how I get dressed has a direct impact on how I feel throughout the day, so being a little more intentional, even on those hard-core mom days, makes a big difference for me.
Here are a few of my favorite tips for getting out of a late summer style funk.
Try incorporating fall colors.  Ready to dress for fall but the weather won’t cooperate?  Start incorporating fall colors in pieces that still work for summer.  Think warm tones like mustard, ochre, and rust, in things like t-shirts, tops, skirts and dresses.  You’ll stay cool and it will feel fresh. plus you can layer the pieces later as the weather cools off.  Here are some great fall toned pieces you can incorporate now:
Mix your prints.  There’s nothing that gets me out of a wardrobe funk like playing with prints.  I love finding fun ways to mix prints and every time I do it gets my creative juices flowing when it comes to getting dressed.  I love incorporating leopard into an outfit and I’ve found it mixes really well with a variety of prints.  Even with florals like in this outfit.   A few of my favorite print pieces:
Add summer friendly accessories.  A fun way to keep a basic look from feeling boring is just to add some great accessories.  Summer accessories are all about making a statement without adding layers.  Here are some of my favorite summer accessories:

Throw on a dress.  When all else fails, throw on a dress, and by dress I am also going to include jumpsuit, because for me, the effect is the same.  Even a casual dress or jumpsuit always makes me feel like I am putting in a little more effort.  You’ll instantly feel more put together, and sassy.  There are lots of great casual dress and jumpsuit options available right now.  Here are a few of my favorites:

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