4 simple tips for styling booties in the fall.

Lifestride booties. (c/o Zappos.)
I am happy to report that bootie season has officially begun!  At least in New England, anyway.  The weather has been so dreamy–perfectly crisp, which means all my cozy sweaters, plaid flannels, wool hats and leather booties are out of storage and back into my everyday closet rotation.
I avoided booties for the first year or so after the trend emerged because honestly, I thought they would make my legs look even shorter. (Petite girl problems.)  When I think about that now, I almost can’t believe it, booties are such a huge part of my fall capsule.  Happily I figured out a few simple tricks for styling them so they are flattering no matter what your inseam is, and I thought I would share them with you today.  Who doesn’t love a good wardrobe hack that makes getting dressed easier?  Here are 4 simple tips for styling booties in the fall:
Show a little ankle.  One of the best ways to keep your legs from looking squatty in booties is to show a little ankle.  This can seem tricky because most jeans just aren’t that cropped, but no fear, simply roll your jeans a bit or cuff them under and let about half an inch of ankle show.  If you’re feeling really bold you can even snip the bottom of your jeans right off.  (I only recommend this if you are only planning to wear the jeans in this way, otherwise, just fold them under.)
Opt for a heel.  Even a small heel can work wonders for lengthening your leg and keeping everything looking chic.  These awesome lifestride booties from Zappos only have a small heel which gives me just the right amount of lift, but they are still super comfortable and easy to walk in all day.
Find the optimal rise of bootie for your leg/ankle shape.  Just like clothes, we need to tailor our shoe styles to our body types/shapes.  Don’t be afraid to try a few different boot rises and silhouettes until you find one that’s flattering and makes you look and feel like a million bucks.  I love ordering my shoes from Zappos because they have so many options and they make returns so simple and easy.  Their customer service is amazing, and I never worry that I’m going to run into issues if it takes me a couple tries to get the style and fit right.
Pick booties with some texture.  I don’t know why, but finding a boot with added texture really elevates a look and is super flattering.  Bonus points if the texture is also leg lengthening, like the shape of the woven leather on these Lifestride booties.  The detail is so pretty and I love the added depth they give the boot, especially because black boots can often look/feel a bit dull.  These are super pretty.

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