4 ideas for transitioning your summer pieces into fall

4 ideas for transitioning your summer pieces into fall

In the last week or so we’ve had that subtle September shift where the air got a little crisper, and the leaves have started to turn. In a month we’ll be solidly in the middle of my favorite time of year, but the anticipation of fall for the next few weeks is almost as fun. We’re starting to transition everything over to the colder months, my garden, the animals, our property and house, and of course, I’m transitioning my closet.
If you’ve been here more than a minute, you know I’m a big believer in getting the most out of every single piece in your closet. And while there are some pieces that can realistically only be worn for one season, my goal with my closet is always to find pieces that I can wear at least 3 seasons a year.
It is so tempting every time the seasons change to want to go buy all the the new things (and you guys know my weakness for sweaters…) but the more I’ve consciously built an intentional closet, the less I’ve felt the impulse to do it.
I’ve also learned a lot about what works as a good transitional piece and how to work them into each season. In this post, I’m going to share 4 ideas for transitioning your summer pieces into fall…

Keep wearing white.

Based on that "no white after Labor Day" rule, you may be feeling the urge to tuck away those white summer pieces right about now, but resist it. White transitions beautifully into fall and even winter and is easy, and even fun to style year round. Bring those summer whites into fall by pairing them with warm autumnal colors and layering on the sweaters, jackets and boots. Also, white creates a nice clean foundation to build an outfit on, and you know how I love my whites.

Embrace layers.

Wondering how to make that breezy floral summer dress work for fall? Layers. Add a chunky cardigan, a blazer, or a jacket to your lighter summer tops and dresses, and you instantly have a classic layered fall look. Bonus, mixing softer summer textures with the bulkier fall ones adds a nice juxtaposition.

Never underestimate accessories.

If you’ve chosen your summer capsule pieces wisely, then there’s a good chance a lot of them are 3-4 season pieces and are already primed to transition right into fall. Sometimes all you need is a little boost. Never underestimate the power of a good accessory. Simply switching up your straw hat to a wool felt one can instantly change the look and season of an outfit. Scarves, bags, tights and jewelry can to the trick too.

It’s all about the shoes.

Cinderella was on to something guys, shoes make a look. They also change it easily into a new season. Especially if you live in a place where it’s technically fall, but pretty much still feels like summer. By transitioning from a sandal to a boot or mule, you can easily give those summer pieces into a more autumn vibe. I love a good cognac shoe for doing the job, they add a warm fall vibe, are so versatile and are easy to style with almost any color family, warm or cold. Throw some cognac booties and tights on with that summer dress and voila! I’ve rounded up some great fall cognac shoe options below.

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