4 Butt & Thigh Moves To Shape, Lift, and Firm

4 Butt & Thigh Moves To Shape, Lift, and Firm

Summer-lovin of 2020 is done and gone, and we have retired the bikinis until the next year. Even though the stress of looking swimsuit "ready" has passed, doesn't mean that we need to go into a gym hibernation until the New Years. Fall tends to be a busier time of life because kids are in school, outdoor adventures are over, and we start preparing for the busy holiday season. Don't let the start of the season put you in an active rut!
Need some motivation? Picture this. Carrie Underwood's toned thighs, and Gisele Bundchen's perky butt!! What girl wouldn't want that am-I-right?!
For today's fall motivation we are gonna talk about a killer glute/thigh circuit that is gonna make any man stop in his tracks, and say " Damnnnnnnnnnnnn Gina!" Let's take that derriere from looking like a sad ol' pancake to a luscious round bunt cake ;)
What you will need: Bench or sometime type elevated platform. You will also need a weighted medicine ball or free weights. I personally like to use a ball between 6-10 lbs.
What muscle groups we working: Glutes and thighs
You want to do the entire circuit for 3 sets with a 2 minute break between each set.

Curtsy Bench Lunges

Start off holding the ball in between your palms. Place your right foot on the center edge of the bench as pictured above while your left foot is on the ground, left of the bench. Press down with your right foot on the bench so you can almost straighten it (don't lock out it out) allowing the left leg to float in the air. You then want to land on the ball of your left foot on a right diagonal in a curtsy position. 16x reps each leg.

Sumo Squat

  Start off bringing your legs wider than your hips with your feet turned out. Holding a ball close to your chest bend the knees, and fill like your sitting back while keeping the chest open. Make sure that the knees stay above the ankles. Squeeze the glutes as you come back to the original position. 30x reps.

Bulgarian Split Squat

Start off standing in front of the bench with one foot on, and both hands on the hips. Keep your core tight and chest open as you slowly descend to ground stopping just before your front knee touches the ground. Once you reached your low point, push yourself up extending your front knee and hip at the same time stopping short of locking out your knee. 16x reps each leg.

Bench Glute Bridges

Start by laying down in front of the bench, and place both feet on it hip width. Place both palms into the floor to lift and lower the hips. 30x reps. 

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