ASOS DESIGN Luxe embellished faux feather cami mini dress in black | ASOS DESIGN Luxe embellished maxi robe with faux feather hem | Charlotte Tilbury make up | KG jewelled mules
"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they notice the woman." Coco Chanel

New decade, new you! the perfect excuse to look ahead to what the year has in store.
Ahead, you’ll find everything I am looking forward to wearing most.


Undoubtedly the most prominent trend of 2020, embellishment in various forms – some extravagant and some more subtle.
In 2020 all formal looks are getting revamped with feathers, sequins and gems on almost everything. I am talking about trims, embellished collars, heels, bags, hair clips, statement earrings and the list goes on. This is XL glamour!
TIP: If you ever wondered how to clean sequins you can find it here.


Invoking a sense of both romanticism and strength, 2020 is all about statement sleeves! Whether in the form of a dress, top, or a jacket, this pretty style is everywhere you look!  
Gone are the days of hippy and bohemian references, instead, the new bell sleeve is modern and utterly chic.
A statement sleeve is so much easier to pull off than other typical avant-garde trends that are reserved for red carpets and Instagram influencer content.
TIP: Unless you like an OTT look, my advice is to keep the rest of your look minimal. Statement sleeves are chic enough to speak for the whole outfit.


Checks’ are the new print trend that street style stars are obsessed with! You can stick to a classic white and black palette, or venture off into new territory with a chic mix of colours and clashing print ensemble.
TIP: Keep the palette complimentary – browns, for example, or different tones of the same shade – while contrasting the size or orientation of the check.


Originated in 18th century Scotland another old favourite is back, tweed! Yes Guys, tweed is officially cool again as proven by the plethora of influencers that have been rocking it on Instagram.
TIP: Under no circumstances should you throw tweed in the washing machine. It will shrink and you’ll be left with something unwearable. As with the majority of luxe fabrics – dry cleaning is the answer. Stains can easily be removed with a damp sponge and You can actually vacuum your tweed to keep it free from dust.


Pearls have become the most popular jewellery trend of 2019 and there is no sign of this dazzling phenomena slowing down in 2020. Designers are going crazy about pearls this season, playing with their size, shape and also their location. Why not in the heel of a shoe? On a handbag? Or in a woman’s hair?
"A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls" Coco Chanel
But, as is the way with the fashion world right now, there’s no real right – or wrong – answer. Be fearless…

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