10 Things I Love Sunday

We have been trying to get our backyard back into fighting shape for the warm weather season, and since it’s our first year trying to do all that with a toddler, it’s been slow to say the least! I still have dreams of getting it all together and sitting back there on a pretty day with a cocktail, so we’ll just have to figure it out!
1. I can’t wait for this to come in the mail! Shopping for summer baby items is one of my late-night joys in life.
2. I would love to do a bedroom refresh sometime soon, and this bed is giving me some really good vibes—so pretty! It’s so hard to find time to do things like a room refresh with a little kiddo around, but changing things up from time to time gives me a breath of fresh air like nothing else, so it’s usually worth the extra effort!
3. I did a triple take at this ballon DIY—it’s so whimsical and fun!
4. I’m all about this style of shoe again this summer (the ones I’m wearing above)—they stay on, are comfortable, have some height, but are stable enough to wear with a kid in tow. I have that shoe in both colors!
5. I love that Lola and I have the same birthday this week (May 7)! When I found out my due date was May 3, I knew there was a chance I could have a birthday baby. But still, what are the odds, right?? Although my husband was wishing for that to happen the whole pregnancy, and he usually gets whatever he really wants to happen. She’ll always be my best birthday present by far!!
6. Did you know Jonathan Adler makes nightlights now?! How cute is this?
7. I’ve been making these healthy chocolate bars a ton lately and I love them. Sometimes I make them in paper cupcake wrappers so they look like little peanut butter cups, but I like to eat them with fresh strawberries and it’s soooo yum.
8. Todd was just saying we should get one of these and I have to admit he may right! Freshly popped popcorn with all the toppings is something that you just can’t say no to (try it with parmesan with salt and lots of black pepper!).
9. I bought two dwarf banana trees to plant in our front flower bed and I can’t wait to watch them grow! I don’t think they will ever grow bananas here in Tennessee since it looks like they need a frost-free environment to do so. But I like how they look anyway, and it seems like they can do well here as long as I give them enough drainage underneath.
10. This for my back porch, please! I’m sure it wouldn’t last long since I don’t have a covered porch, but a girl can dream!
We are trying to get some summer things like a sandbox for Lola to play with outside, so maybe that would be a good thing to keep her busy while we work on the back porch nearby. I’m dreaming of a new pattern to paint on the concrete back there so I hope it works out! I think what I have in mind would be really fun and give it more of that Palm Springs vibe … xo. Laura