10 Things I Love Sunday

Wow … what a week, AMIRIGHT? I have some fun stuff to share this week. I will confess I have been shopping online A LOT (to be fair, mostly window shopping), but it’s a fun escape.
1. Since my new "uniform" is basically different forms of loungewear (or worse—pj’s), I might add some more comfy stuff to my closet. This is cute from Etsy. I also ordered this sports bra and these leggings. Girlfriend is by far my favorite leggings and bra sets.
2. Just made these cookies!
3. I’m really enjoying Jen Gotch’s new book.
4. Speaking of Ban.do, I just ordered this for spring … :))
5. Did you know you can order a customized hammock? They’re really gorgeous too. Would make an amazing wedding gift! And these are SO cute for little ones … I think I’m going to get one for Marigold for our new porch.
6. I’m so excited about a new hanging plant project I’m working on. After we had kids, I fell out of my plant phase when some of my plants died, and I had to move or re-home quite a few cactus plants. Anyway! That’s TOTALLY fine because the early days of parenting were pure survival mode for me. So I decided to restart my plants phase with this new move. I’m excited to get into it again!
7. This decorate a face printable is so sweet!
8. Unpaper towels.
9. My kiddos are using these paints every day (pictured above). We’re working on making one of those big rainbows this week. :))
10. For Easter, I’m making the girls simple baskets (I already had a few books and some new binoculars for them purchased), but I thought it’d be fun to add more homemade toys and games this year. Also, I think I want to make a picnic/park basket with a Gathre mat, sidewalk chalk and some outdoor toys.
P.S. If you haven’t started yet, it’s a great time to jump into our podcast! XX
P.P.S. What are you all watching BESIDES Tiger King (already finished that, along with the entire country last week, haha).
Sending love to everyone! We hope you are holding up well and enjoying these strange days the best you can. xx- Elsie