Discover hidden gem Castelfalfi in Tuscany and 10 reasons why you should book your ticket to the new (but full of history) luxury destination straight away! #revolvearoundtheworld
As if Tuscany was not reason enough to get that wanderlust feeling, there is a new piece of paradise that wasn’t really available for anyone to visit until very recently…  Discover hidden gem Castelfalfi and 10 reasons why you should book your ticket straight away!
Como si Toscana no fuera motivo suficiente para obtener esa sensación de pasión por los viajes, hay un nuevo paraíso que no estaba disponible para nadie hasta hace poco… Descubrí la joya escondida de Castelfalfi y 10 razones por las que debe reservar su boleto de inmediato !

10. It’s only 35 min away from the Tower of Pisa

Let me tell you a little personal story.  When I was 18, I lived in Nimes in the South of France as an exchange student learning French and saved every penny to visit Italy for a couple of weeks before flying back to Costa Rica.  I ended up going to Italy by train (I know -over 12 hrs total!) and knew we were stopping in Pisa.  I was so excited to see the tower but it was 2am so it didn’t happen and I didn’t have enough money or time to spend the night there.  Fast forward 10 years later, we are driving around Liguria and Tuscany.  Getting to realise a long time goal and it made me more than a little bit emotional.  That’s one of the things I love about travelling, it reminds me to be present and to be grateful.

10. Está a solo 35 minutos de la Torre de Pisa.

Déjame contarte una pequeña historia personal. Cuando tenía 18 años, vivía en Nimes, en el sur de Francia, como un estudiante de intercambio que aprendía francés y ahorré cada centavo para visitar Italia por un par de semanas antes de regresar a Costa Rica.  Terminé yendo a Italia en tren (¡lo sé, más de 12 horas en total!) y supe que pasábamos por Pisa.  Estaba tan emocionada de ver la torre, pero eran las 2 de la madrugada, así que no sucedió y no tenía suficiente dinero ni tiempo para pasar la noche allí.  10 años más tarde, estamos conduciendo por Liguria y Toscana. Llegar a realizar una meta de mucho tiempo me hizo sentir mucha emoción.  Esa es una de las muchas cosas que amo de viajar, me recuerda la importancia de estar presente y estar agradecida.

9.  One of the most romantic beautiful views in the world

I’m sure if you haven’t been to Tuscany already, you must have still heard of the incedible views.  Castelfalfi is on a hill over loking several valleys with breathtaking views of vineyards, olive groves, mediterranean nature, architecture, and incredible sunsets.  Have aperitivo-time (my fave meal in Italy!) on the terrace of hotel Il Castelfalfi while watching the sunset and it feels like this must be a slice of heaven.

9. Una de las vistas más románticas y hermosas del mundo.

Estoy segura de que si aún no has estado en la Toscana, debes haber oído hablar de las increíbles vistas.  Castelfalfi está en una colina sobre varios valles con impresionantes vistas de viñedos, olivares, naturaleza mediterránea, arquitectura y increíbles puestas de sol. Disfrute de un aperitivo en la terraza del hotel Il Castelfalfi mientras observa la puesta de sol y parece que esto debe ser un pedazo de cielo.

8.  Have some of the best organic wine and food in Italy

Tuscany is known for being home to some of the most incredible wine around the world.  Castelfalfi’s agricultural production is of the highest standards and quality; therefore protecting the environment and using only organic products and practices.  Every evening I enjoyed their delicious wine that, due to its impeccable (magical) quality, never gave me a hangover.  Of course, I also had to bring a few bottles back home with me!
The incredible 1,100 hectares include vineyards, farms, hotels, restaurants, shops, olive groves, lakes, and a hunting reserve.

7.  History and culture

The medieval village has been restored to a luxurious and stunning small village.  Ancient Borgo is now Castelfalfi Estate and has always been a paradisiacal location; however, in the 1960s it suffered from emigration and abandonment until 2007 when TUI AG decided to buy and restore the property to give it new life.
Here is where Roberto Benigni’s Pinnochio’s was mostly filmed.  As if the enchanting scenery wasn’t magical enough, Castelfalfi always hosts beautiful art exhibitions.  This year you can walk about town and admire the stunning sculptures carefully placed around the area.

6.  It’s a hidden gem

Castelfalfi is one of the rarest areas in Tuscany not overflowed by tourists.  The pure oxygen of the magical, dreamy area is witness to a place taken care of, loved, cherished, and where few people live; therefore keeping its beauty somewhat guarded.  To see views  like this and enjoy these experiences without crowds is the ultimate luxury.  Every corner we turned and road we walked we felt was ours; private, romantic, unique as we took in every moment.

5.  Have a romantic, gourmet dinner at La Rocca

The restored castle houses La Rocca, a restaurant that I can assure you will get their first michelin star any moment now.  We enjoyed the best meal I had in my whole Italy spring trip (watch my vlog to see what we did & all my tips:  Milan, Liguria, Tuscany).
We sat in what can only be described as a majestic setting while listening to classical Italian music.  Every single dish was presented beautifully, using the freshest, most organic ingridients Castelfalfi has to offer.  Have the Tasting Menu, it’s so worth it!  Personal favourites were the foie gras, pasta, veal, fish, and of course, the fabulous desserts and breads.  As you can see from the photos, every plate and presentation was a stunning work of art !

4.  Organic produce

Most of the ingredients in every meal were organic, but what was especially astonishing is that despite enjoying so much delicious organic wine, it didn’t leave any trace of a hangover.  Most of the incredible wine selection we enjoyed was from Tuscany and Castelfalfi.  Every fresh glass came from their wonderufl terroirs.  I especially enjoyed the red wine pictured above, one of the best bottles I have had in my life!

3.  Best golf course in Italy

Castelfalfi is the largest golf course in Tuscany and attracts fans from around the world. The courses of the Golf Club Castelfalfi, built in line with with the restoration in accordance with the principles of sustainability and without adding anything artificial, are among the most fascinating in Europe. The Golf Club, with its 27 holes, challenges the most experienced players and ensures fun even for beginners. There is also a driving range with grass teeing grounds, covered areas for conducting clinics and a beautiful clubhouse.

2. Stay at paradise hotel Il Castelfalfi

The newest addition to Castelfalfi is luxury 5 star boutique hotel Il Castelfalfi, our stunning peaceful home away from home.  The low-impact hotel’s design was carefully thought through and executed so that it blended’ beautifully with its surroundings.  Water and energy sufficient, Il Castelfalfi’s interior design is just as outstanding.
Paying homage to an Italian home filled with peculiar objet d’art, you feel like you’re walking into an aristocratic country house.  The service in the hotel is second to none whilst not being over bearing, making you feel truly at home.
Part of the always incredible Preferred Hotels (remember when I went to Marid here?), indulge in spa treatments and the most relaxing luxurious and beautiful holiday imaginable.

1. Go truffle hunting

Castelfalfi is one of the very few regions in the world which has a terroir that is so rich all scorzone, white, porcini, and black truffle grow together.  Try them at any of the restaurants, especially La Rocca with Executive Chef Michel Rinaldi!

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