Where To Find Caftans: The Ultimat...

Wondering where to find fabulous caftans? I’ve rounded up 100 caftans in all price ranges from under $100 to luxury caftans over $1000 and everything in between, so you can dress like you live in a Slim Aarons photo!

You know I’ve been Team Caftan forever, but since the pandemic, it appears many more converts are joining the caftan train — woot woot! I get a lot of inquires asking where to find caftans, so I’ve put together this guide to help. I’m also sharing my favorite caftan brands and sources, so be sure to bookmark this for future and share with a caftan-loving friend!

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Frances Valentine caftan


What Is a Caftan?


BUT FIRST… before we begin, I thought we should clarify what a caftan is. Also, is it caftan or kaftan? Both are technically correct, so it’s up to you. Even though I’m typically partial to the letter “k” — somehow caftan with a “c” just feels right to me. But to each her own.

As for the definition of a caftan, a caftan is defined as:

“a long, full, usually collarless robe with wide sleeves that is worn at home for lounging or entertaining or at the beach as a cover-up.”

For me, a caftan is a loose frock with an open waist and an easy open sleeve. They can be silk and glamorous or cotton, earthy and breezy. Either way, they’re ideal for looking chic but being comfy. Win, win!

Sometimes house dresses, patio dresses, tunics, kimonos and robes are included in the caftan category too. Caftan purists might not agree, but I think as long as the spirit is there — easy, breezy-chic — who cares?!

As for length, traditionally most caftans are thought of as long and ankle-length, but shorter knee-length caftans are great too. I personally call them “halftans” (half + caftan).


The New Hester Bly Bora Bora Resortwear Collection

Hester Bly caftan


Where To Find Caftans: The Ultimate Caftan Guide

Okay, let’s get to the fun part — where to find fabulous caftans! Below are my favorite brands and sources. If you have any to add, please leave them in the comments, and I’ll be sure to update this list as time goes on!

I actually already have a list long enough for a Part II, so stay tuned for even more!

Without further ado, my favorite caftan sources and brands…



Frances Valentine Caftans

Perhaps my favorite of all the caftans, Frances Valentine caftans are special, colorful and worth collecting, but still at a fairly accessible price point given the quality ($300-$600).

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Hester Bly Caftans

I have two favorite brands of luxury caftans and Hester Bly is one of them. These are in the $500-$1000 range, so a splurge to be sure, but SO beautiful.

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La Vie Caftans

My other favorite luxury caftan brand? La Vie. This Dallas-based brand has mastered the art of the caftan with cool silhouettes and interesting cut-outs. They sell out FAST every drop (prices range around $500-$1000).

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Teggy French Caftans

My friend, the fabulous Teggy French, launched her own line of caftans. They’re colorful and spirited, just like Teggy and the price point is great (under $300).

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Trina Turk Caftans

I think of Trina Turk as the OG caftan queen! Long or short, full-length and flowing or shorter halftans, you can’t go wrong with a colorful, patternful Trina Turk caftan. Prices range from $200-$500.

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Caftans on Top of My Wishlist

Here are the caftans I’m pining over the most for summer 2021. Shall we call it the Summer of the Caftan?!

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Affordable Caftans Under $40

Caftans can be pricey and they are normally totally worth it, IMO (I never get rid of mine and keep and wear them for years — #caftancloset). That said, sometimes you’re in the market for a caftan that doesn’t break the bank. I’ve linked several cute options, most well under $25. I’ve ordered from this site multiple times and am always happily surprised to get my order quickly and the quality is way better than you would expect for the price.

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Where To Find Caftans

Hester Bly caftan

100 Fabulous Caftans for Summer 2021


Below are 100 caftans in all price ranges, from splurgey to cheap thrills. Just hover over to see the price and click thru. I’d love to know your favorite(s) in the comments below!

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Do you have a favorite caftan source or designer/brand?

I’d love to hear…

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