What to Expect from Me in 2022

What to Expect from Me in 2022

Tory Burch Double T Sports SlidesHi friends! I hope you had a safe and wonderful time ringing in the New Year. We welcomed it in North Georgia and had a lovely time-I’ll be sharing my trip recap very soon.


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There are a few things I’ve been working on that with the new year here I think it’s a perfect time to share.

Firstly, I’m diving back into my newsletter. It will remain bi-weekly for now. You can sign up here!

As it is, I generally share blog posts 3 times a week. Some are themed, like my “Links & Things” posts, most aren’t and are just go with the flow around here-what I’m wearing, buying, cooking etc. However, I’ll be introducing a monthly post called “This Past Month” where I’ll share life updates and personal thoughts. I’m also working on some style guides! I already have my SIZE GUIDE and my Denim Shorts for Curves guide that I keep up to date. However, I’ve noticed there are other closet staples I get ask often about or that I see a lot of interest in via clicks and sales and I want to make sure there is a permanent place here that you have all of the answers that I can help with to your questions on those pieces.

You have spoken time and time again about wanting more workout content, so I’ve already been working on that! I’ll most likely be sharing my videos in several places to make it easy for everyone, but there will also be a library of my workouts right here on my blog for reference. Stay tuned for that! Subscribing to my newsletter is good way to stay up to date on stuff like that.

Lastly, via emails and DM’s I get lots of questions on all sorts of stuff. A lot of times I’m being asked for my advice on something and while I’m not an expert much, I do love sharing what my experiences have taught me and also relaying wisdom that has been shared with me. Previously in my emails I had an advice column and I’ll continue that for the time being, but I get so many insightful questions and thoughts, I may see where shedding more of a light on them could take me this year. Is that another blog post series? A video series? Not sure and as always, would love your suggestions.

And with that last thought, feel free continue to offer me suggestions on absolutely anything I can help you with. No matter how small or big, it’s been a privilege and so much fun to run this blog for the past almost 11 years and I can’t wait to continue to grow together! Thanks for being a special part of my life ❤

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