Wear Your Closet Challenge: Outfits 13–19

Welcome to week three of the Wear Your Closet Challenge! I decided to challenge myself to wear different items every single day for the entire month of January as a way to figure out what I love to wear, discover any glaring wardrobe holes, and determine if anything needs to leave my wardrobe (and what).

Below are outfits 13-19 along with my thoughts on them and what activities each was worn for! The final weekly outfit roundup will be on the blog next Friday (and the final outfits and a recap will be published February 1st). Follow along on Instagram to see the outfits in real time on Instagram stories. I’m also sharing weekly outfit recap reels on Saturdays. Watch the week 1 reel (outfits 2-6) and week 2 reel (outfits 9-13)!

Two other creators are also wearing their closets this month, so be sure to check out their outfits and thoughts as we take on the challenge together: Rebecca of PhD in Clothes and Molly Wetta (formerly of Librarian Style). Join the fun by tagging us and using hashtag #wearyourcloset2023!

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Wear Your Closet Challenge: Outfits 13–19

Outfit 13 • Friday, January 13th

Wear Your Closet Challenge: January 13, 2023 | wubby pullover with joggers for a road trip | Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Instead of working last Friday the 13th, Korri and I made the long weekend extra long and drove down to Salt Lake City for a couple of days of gymnastics meets—our first in-person meets of the season! The Best of Utah meet was Friday night and featured the University of Utah, Utah State, BYU, and Southern Utah.

It was a long afternoon spent in the car; the drive is about 4.5-5 hours depending on weather and traffic. I like wearing the coziest outfits possible while driving (or sitting in the passenger seat). I specifically saved my fleece pullovers for this trip, haha! I also saved a couple of joggers for the driving days. I wear sturdy shoes for long drives, either sneakers or my beat up old Toms that basically live in the garage/my car full time. (The Toms are worn most often during the summer months when I’m wearing sandals otherwise.)


Thread & Supply pullover / old; similar by Urban Outfitters
Zella joggers / exact (plus sizes) or similar
Nike sneakers / old; similar
Utah Gymnastics hat

Outfit 14 • Saturday, January 14th

Wear Your Closet Challenge: January 14, 2023 | parka and fleece jacket with leggings | Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Hello from the hotel room! Korri was standing just off to the side and making me laugh, hence the cheesy smile. We met up with a couple of my friends from grad school for brunch downtown, browsed a couple of shops at City Creek (indoor/outdoor mall downtown), and then headed off to watch the two meets! Boise State competed in the first meet on Saturday.

I did change into my Boise State gymnastics tee and jacket before the meets, but this is what I wore to brunch and to walk around City Creek. I wasn’t entirely sure if it’d snow on Saturday but I knew there was a slight possibility. I planned my shoes terribly and brought two pairs of snow boots, which I definitely did not need (and the arena was far too hot to wear boots), so I wore my sneakers again. I still love this coat and fleece jacket; I wear them both constantly in the winter months.


Uniqlo coat / old; similar by Sam Edelman or Levi's
Uniqlo jacket / new version or similar by Columbia
Zella leggings / old; similar from Nordstrom Rack or Nordstrom
Nike sneakers / old; similar
BSU Gymnastics hat

Outfit 15 • Sunday, January 15th

Wear Your Closet Challenge: January 15, 2023 | fleece pullover with joggers and boots for a road trip | Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Time to head home! But first, we stopped at a few of our favorite spots in SLC to pick up snacks and treats, haha. It was just starting to snow when we were leaving town, and the snow got much worse as we drove north. The visibility was also terribly low at times. It was not a fun drive for about two hours, but luckily we survived. That drive is stressful even when the weather isn’t bad!

I wore basically the same outfit that I did on Friday: fleece pullover + joggers. Since it was snowing, I wore one of the pairs of snow boots I brought. I’m glad I did because when we stopped for pizza in Ogden, there were already 1-2 inches of snow on the ground! When packing, I wasn’t planning on wearing the purple pullover and navy blue joggers together, but I don’t hate this color combination?! Didn’t matter so much as I was just in the car, haha.


The North Face pullover / similar by L.L.Bean or Free People
Vuori joggers / exact
Smartwool socks / similar
Earth boots c/o / old; similar from Zappos (last seen here)
BSU Gymnastics hat

Outfit 16 • Monday, January 16th

Wear Your Closet Challenge: January 16, 2023 | alpaca cardigan with cashmere sweatpants and beanie | Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Korri and I both had Monday (MLK, Jr. Day) off of work. I loved having a day to sleep in and do regular weekend things (like reading and laundry) instead of staying an extra night in SLC. I also took down the Christmas tree (much to Sybil’s chagrin) and watched some more gymnastics, of course.

I swear this alpaca cardigan looks so much worse in photos than it does in person. It looks all pilled and generally in rough shape! I think it does pill pretty easily, though. I layered it over a Heattech tank (love Uniqlo’s Heattech!) and wore a pair of cashmere sweatpants. I own two pairs in different sizes, and these are the smaller size. Thankfully they still fit! The other pair has a hole, and I still need to find out if it can be repaired.


Quince cardigan / exact (review here)
Uniqlo Heattech tank / old; shop all Heattech or similar by Target
Grana sweatpants / old; similar by Naadam
J.Crew hat / similar by J.Crew Factory

Outfit 17 • Tuesday, January 17th

Wear Your Closet Challenge: January 17, 2023 | flannel shirt with dream pants and ankle boots | Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I unintentionally dressed like a park ranger for my one day in the office this week, LOL. I built this outfit from the bottom up. I started with the pants and boots (still love both) and then tried on a few different top options before settling on this flannel shirt. The flannel Sunday shirt by Madewell is still one of my favorite styles. They have side pockets!!! They’re also thick and soft. I did a half tuck on the flannel because it didn’t look right left untucked, but I didn’t like this tuck, either. Maybe it just isn’t meant to be worn with these pants. My hat is from the Parks Project for Madewell collection that was released a couple of years ago.


Madewell shirt / old; similar from Nordstrom
Everlane pants / exact or similar by J.Crew Factory
Aquatalia boots / old; similar or similar by Marc Fisher
Parks Project for Madewell hat / old; similar or similar by Gap Factory

Outfit 18 • Wednesday, January 18th

Wear Your Closet Challenge: January 18, 2023 | wubby pullover with wide leg lounge pants and beanie | Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Yet another WFH Wednesday! I get sooo cold working from home sometimes, especially if Korri is working in the office. Our Nest thermometer is tied to his phone so the furnace or AC won’t turn on when he’s not around unless I do it manually. I decided to wear my other wubby pullover and another beanie to stay warm. I love these ribbed wide leg lounge pants from Amour Vert! They’re so fun and super comfy. I wore these flats for the first time; I bought them to be primarily WFH shoes that can also go outside if I need to grab a package or something. The shearling is so soft but I’m going to be sad when it’s all smooshed down.


Thread & Supply pullover / old; similar by Urban Outfitters
Amour Vert pants / old; similar by Ann Taylor
Madewell flats / exact (also available from Zappos)
J.Crew hat / similar by J.Crew Factory

Outfit 19 • Thursday, January 19th

Wear Your Closet Challenge: January 19, 2023 | flannel shirt with joggers | Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

First of all: I finally got a new phone! Stuck with a red phone but got the gold leopard Loopy case this time instead of midnight leopard. I had maxed out the storage on my old phone and was constantly fighting with it (and deleting photos and videos). Now I don’t have to worry about storage…at least for a few years LOL. Ok but I’m hoping not to fill this one up. I blame social media for caring more about videos now than photos, which take up way more space.

Anyway, another WFH day, another not-terribly-exciting outfit. I did like the blush pink and deep burgundy color combination. This is the same style of flannel that I wore on Tuesday. Just not sure that I’m all that crazy about this color on my skin tone! This was the first time I wore these Vuori joggers, which I bought on sale probably a year and a half ago. Gulp! Definitely don’t need any more loungewear…

TOTAL NUMBER OF UNIQUE ITEMS WORN THIS WEEK: 22 (not counting socks or Heattech tops)



Madewell shirt / old; similar by Amazon
Vuori joggers / exact style
Ugg slippers / old; similar

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