Walmart+ Membership Gas & Grocery Benefits

Walmart+ Membership Gas & Grocery Benefits

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post-all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Walmart+ Membership Gas & Grocery Perks

I could make a list of 20+ memberships and subscriptions I’m a part of and you know which one continues to be my favorite and most useful for the past few years? My Walmart+ Membership. It’s the membership that keeps giving, because of all of the built-in savings I can rely on regularly for my shopping needs. This membership is such a staple in my lifestyle, because of how easily it’s integrated into it, since I use it for two of my biggest sources of spending: groceries and gas.

I love using the convenience of my Walmart+ membership’s free grocery delivery with no markups ($35 order minimum. Restrictions apply) to have my groceries delivered. I can tell you how it goes down 9/10 times: I’m sitting at home either working or shopping on my computer and I suddenly remember I need to restock the pantry or get fresh produce for the upcoming week. I open a tab on my computer and go to or grab my phone and use my Walmart app and within minutes (and I mean like 5 minutes) I’ve placed my grocery order and can get back to what I was doing.

Or another scenario that occurs often is what happened a few days ago when my husband and I were craving my chicken pesto pasta for dinner, so I ordered the ingredients and they were delivered just as we were pouring a glass of wine for ourselves 😊

Here was my order that evening:

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And here’s my recipe for that chicken pesto pasta!

Walmart+ Membership Gas & Grocery Perks

By not having to drive to Walmart every time I need anything grocery-related, I’ve saved so much money this past year. I could basically pay my Walmart+ membership with those savings.

So how do I save even more on gas with my Walmart+ membership?

We all know gas prices are ridiculously high right now 🥴 and having a way to save money every time I fill up my tank is awesome. Well, Walmart+ members save up to 10 cents on every gallon at Exxon and Mobil stations. That adds up fast and is a big way to save on your everyday lifestyle costs, which is always welcomed!

*fuel discount varies by location and station, subject to change.

Walmart+ Membership Gas & Grocery Perks

That being said, since I started enjoying the benefits of saving on gas too, whenever I go to fill up my tank I also take advantage of that time of being out and about (work-from-homer here 🙋🏻‍♀️) and go in-store at Walmart to do some shopping to save that way too. So, it’s like whenever I’m using any any one benefit of my Walmart+ membership, I can make other money-saving choices at the same time 🙌🏼

I feel like part of winning at adulting with the tedious and expensive tasks on our to-do lists (groceries and gas) is finding a way to 1. save money on them and 2. make them as convenient as possible. Sooooo someone pass me the gold medal 😜

Find out more information about the Walmart+ membership and sign up for a free trial here!

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