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I apologize as I think this may be the most delayed travel guide I’ve ever done but it’s finally here, my travel guide to Lake Como! I shared part one of our Italy trip to Milan this past fall and I’m excited to share all of our favorite spots and tips for one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

Lake Como is HUGE and also needs a lot of planning prep beforehand for smooth travel so hoping these tips and guides can be helpful for anyone planning a trip soon!


We originally had planned to train from Milan to Lake Como but then after checking Uber, it was going to be way easier and quicker to Uber directly there. Under $150 (and split between the four of us), we made there in a hour and a half so highly recommend trying that route!

We stayed at this unreal Airbnb located in Torno. Our one regret of the trip is we didn’t have enough time to fully enjoy the pool and the stunning view of the lake! The Airbnb was also directly above the exclusive Il Sereno Hotel so we felt like we hit the jackpot with the same incredible views without the expensive price tag. Can’t recommend this spot enough!

One thing I want to warn about is traveling around Lake Como is EXTREMELY difficult. There are no Ubers, cabs are extremely limited and the ferry schedule can be tricky to understand. I would recommend choosing a town that’s pretty central to what you want to do, or like us, try to map out as best as you can (which we still messed up a few times!). Definitely learn to go with the flow and give yourself enough buffer time to make sure you can make it home easy at night and for any time sensitive situations.


Il Sereno

We grabbed drinks and apps here upon arrival and soaked up the stunning views. They wouldn’t let us sit for lunch even though it was completely empty but we still enjoyed a few Negroni’s here to kick off our stay.

Villa d’Este

Located across the lake from our Airbnb was the town of Cernobbio, so we took the ferry across for sunset drinks. Make sure to book a reservation as they won’t let you in without one, but it is so worth it. The hotel property is stunning and it was magical to have drinks in their courtyard and watch the sunset. There are also a few restaurants on property as well if wanting to dine there too!

Gatto Nero

After drinks (Villa d’Este was able to call us a cab for dinner, my biggest tip if at a hotel!), we headed all the way up to Gatto Nero for dinner. George Clooney’s favorite, this cozy spot has incredible views and some delicious pasta dishes. The staff was also great of us getting a cab here after dinner too but we did have to wait almost an hour so definitely recommend requesting early!

Giacomo al Lago at Grand Hotel Tremezzo

We all decided this was our favorite meal of Italy thanks to many factors. Fresh seafood, incredible cocktails and the most spectacular surroundings made for one perfect meal. This is the same owner as our favorite meal in Milan too, Da Giacomo, so make sure a reservation is made here!

Local Italian Market

After being out all day, we decided to cancel our fancy dinner reservation and go to the local market in town for a dinner of all our favorite Italian things and wine. It was so much fun, so delicious (and cheap!) and the best way to end our trip.


Take A Boat Tour

A boat tour on Lake Como is a must and was our favorite part of the trip. Our only regret was not using him longer! We did a private four hour tour and our driver was great at sharing facts about the different villas and and then also stopping for us to get out and explore the towns. We stopped twice and he waited us while we explored Bellagio (more touristy but fun to walk around) and Varrena (super cute, great for grabbing a meal or treat!).

Explore The Towns

With that said, Lake Como is made up of so many adorable towns so if time allows, explore and shop around the lake when you can!


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