The Best Wide Leg Jeans Under $100

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I just purchased these BDG Wide Leg Jeans and within hours of getting them in the mail I was making the REEL the photos above are from and that I shared on my Instagram today. They’re GOOD.


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What first caught my attention was the dye pattern that is a statement, but also simple and neutral enough to wear these jeans often and with anything. I’ve also been a fan of BDG jeans for years. I talk about it in my petite jeans guide and I’ve shared plenty of their styles throughout the years that fit *chef’s kiss*

Jeans are one of those pieces I don’t mind spending more on, because I wear them so often and I’m so picky. If I find a pair of jeans that I love that are under $100 then I’m a happy camper. When it’s comes to the best wide leg jeans under $100, it actually wasn’t as hard of a feat. I alraady own a few that when purchased were well under $100 and others that are now on sale for under $100! That’s what I’m sharing below!

The Best Wide Leg Jeans Under $100

The Best Wide Leg Jeans


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