The Best Red Lipsticks

The Best Red Lipsticks

If I’m wearing makeup, I’m wearing lipstick. Even if I apply just a touch of tinted moisturizer, 9 out of 10 times I’m applying some sort of shade to my lippies. YES, even during these mask times, I’m wearing lipstick underneath. It just makes me happy 🙃

My favorite color to wear is either a rose/mauve shade or red. And when it comes to red, I have a handful of go-to’s. I choose which red to wear depending on my outfit, the vibe of the rest of my makeup look and my skin tone-which differs throughout the year. During this time of the year I like my red lipstick to be vibrant, but not shocking. I’ve been reaching for my favorite blue-undertone shade: Patsy Red. If you’re shaking your head at the almost $40 price tag, I get it! BUT, this lipstick stays on forever and feels so creamy and rich. As someone who has tried out well over 100 lipsticks, this brand never disappoints. I’ve been wearing this brand’s lipsticks for 5+ years.

For a classic matte red I choose: VIP. With any matte lipstick, I apply some chapstick first and that always helps it not stick in lip creases or dry out. This one has good staying power and reapplication goes on very smoothly, which isn’t always the case with matte lipsticks.

I love a red lipstick with a strong burnt orange tint. It’s one of my favorites to wear during the Fall. It’s just such a warm and rich color. My go-to for this hue is: Out Loud. I’ve been wearing this shade for 4+ years. I’ve never found a better burnt orange/red.

When I want a classic red, with a slight blue undertone and moisturizing formula (not matte) I choose: Girl’s Night. This lipstick has peppermint oil in it which feels amazing. If you have lips that tend to be on the dryer side, this is the lipstick for you. I’ve been wearing it for 3+ years.

For awesome precision when applying, a long-lasting formula and a berry red color: Damned is the one. In fact, this is the lipstick I wore on my wedding day! My wedding was in October and I wanted a pretty berry color lipstick that looked rich, but not too intense. It also fades beautifully, leaving your lips with a tint instead of blotchiness. I’ve been wearing it for almost 6 years.

You can find ALL of my favorite lipsticks HERE.

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